Guitar Hero Subscription Is A Possibility

Founder of RedOctane and the Guitar Hero series speaks about the franchise's future.

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-GametimeUK-3157d ago (Edited 3157d ago )

This is absoloutly awful... I cant believe they have managed a way to impliment a subscription fee into guitar hero... these guys need to burn in hell and I wish these guys a slow and painful death just for being A-holes

Delta3157d ago

Actavision is just bending their fans over the table ;)

GaMa853157d ago

Milking the game wasn't bad enough....

dorron3157d ago

No problem. Rock Band, here we go!!!

F*** Activision and it's greed.

UltimateSin3157d ago

Not the worst idea but it would have to be optional, or a small fee and really good content that you would want to get each week.

Stone-The-Crow3157d ago

...just wow Activision, first you and IW raised the price of MW2, then you f***ed over the PC community

then you want subscription for the next COD, you've milked the s**t out of GH it's not even funny

you charged ridiculous prices for DJ Hero, Band Hero and Tony Hawk's RIDE

And now Activision bravo

we're in a time of economic recession and your charging ridiculous amount of money for your games, which are the same game just slightly re done

well done Activision, your just bending your fans over the table

dorron3157d ago

And don't forget Activision CEO urging Sony to pricecut the PS3 because it was too expensive...then they raised the price of the games.