360 to outsell PS3 3:1 in UK this Christmas

The Xbox 360 will outsell the PS3 by 3:1 this Christmas in the UK, according to the leading discount site

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IcyJoker1872939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

Maybe you should have actually read the story, lol.

EDIT: Ok good they changed the title, and anyway its just one site.

Carlton Banks2939d ago

Lol, GametimeUK is probably feeling pretty damn stupid right about now.

gaffyh2939d ago

How the hell does know anything about retail statistics? All they will know is the amount of people that are search for Xbox 360 on their website rather than PS3, and that is not an accurate determinant of retail sales.

LastPlaceConsole2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

there's alot Smart People in UK

they know better

Good for MS

LostDjinn2939d ago

"there's alot Smart People in UK"
Is that your way of saying you're not from the UK. With a post that stupid I don't think you'd fit in there. Your comment is about an eight out of ten on the dumbass scale.
Nice work. Keep the laughs coming.

ps3ftwin2939d ago

why buy a 360 just to have it fail.

Shadow Flare2939d ago

If 360 outsells ps3 3:1 in the UK this xmas, I will buy a hat and eat it. Considering this is coming from a voucher website, and considering at the moment ps3 is slapping 360 worldwide in sales, I really need to say anymore?

lordgodalming2939d ago

@1.0, 1.4, 1.6

Open Zone is one tab thatta way ====>

bjornbear2939d ago

pointless, they barely know how to type, how do you expect them to know about the open zone.

Just ignore -_-

starvinbull2939d ago

Have to say as a UK resident this is pretty consistent with what I have seen.

The UK gaming media and console buyers have always preffered the 360 on the whole.

Can't really see it changing either.

silvacrest2939d ago

a cheap PS3 with awesome exclusives will change there mind

it has already begun, with christmas around the corner it will only increase

rekonizakilla2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

Sh1t, this is big news. When speaks out, you would be a fool not to listen. Everyone's heard of haven't they?

@ starvinbull. As a fellow resident of the U.K. I can also speak for the whole nation and say, no they don't. and recently, when a group of 1000 church goers were asked what they would choose for xmas out of the 2nd coming of Christ or a ps3, an astonishing 93% chose a ps3, and that's probably a fact. I'll try find the link

2939d ago
DaTruth2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

"when a group of 1000 church goers were asked what they would choose for xmas out of the 2nd coming of Christ or a ps3, an astonishing 93% chose a ps3."

What is the difference in the 2 choices???

CimmerianDrake2939d ago

Considering the strategic and very purposeful timing of Microsoft's bannings, I'd say that it's a possibility. Though it won't be because the 360 is a quality console, it'll be because those used to gaming on it want to continue, and to do so they have to by a new one if they were banned.

See, when people buy a second PS3, it's because they WANT to, not because they were forced to due to being banned for a fan mod.

NickIni2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

I've never even heard of myvouchercodes, and what does a discount website know about sales? Not too mention the PS3 is has really pushed forward ahead of 360 this year.

Not to mention the popularity of the PS3 has sky rocketed in the UK within the last year. PS3 is the thing to have at the moment.

vhero2939d ago

Wow this is before the sainsburys offers elling PS3's for £199. The PS3 is droping to £199 in the UK in the next week in several stores so I completely disagree with this article Sonys gonna make up a lot of sales. Since when has November only been Christmas?? I like how they missed out September and October when PS3 outsold 360 both months though eh?

Alvadr2939d ago

It wouldnt surprise me. Sonys marketing strategy once again this christmas in the UK is weak.

Channel 4, last night watching the Simpsons. 4 min commercial break at 6:12pm. I didnt intentionally count the adds but:-

6 (Yes 6!!) Xbox 360 ads
2 Wii ads
Guess how many PS3 adds.... ZERO.

Same every year.

zeeshan2939d ago

@LostDjinn: Hahaha, you owned him! Bubbles to you my friend :)

starvinbull2939d ago

I don't actually own a 360 and prefer the PS3 but apparently stating the obvious (the 360 is more popular in the UK) is unforgivable and punishable by disagrees.

Seriously I don't mind a debate but it's just a fact that for the forseeable future the 360 has a strangle hold on the UK and USA.

I know people with 360s and not many with PS3s.

Walk into game and do they devote an equal amount of shelf space to PS3 as 360? No the PS3 is slogging it out with the PS2 games.

Second hand game shops have masses of 360 games second hand for next to nothing whereas the PS3 version is nearly full price, because guess what there aren't as many people buying second hand PS3 games. Judging by sales of major multiplatform games in the UK they aren't buying the new games in comparative quantities either.

Were we talking about France, Germany or Luxembourg it would be a different conversation but to say the 360 isn't more popular in the UK or that for me to say is, is worth dozens of disagrees is just plain deluded.

Don't shoot the messenger.

Game13a13y2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

i mean if the brits are smart, they should be able to do the math:

Xbox elite $299 + XBL $50/year + wifi adapter $99 + controller battery pack $24.95 = $472.95

thats only to make it comparable with PS3 and it doesn't even come with a Blu-ray player.

ya, so smart. (no offense to the smarter brits who bought a PS3 tho)

madpuppy2939d ago

The Xbox 360 and British car companies have allot in common. I would say that the 360 is put together as good as the wiring in a 1974 MG-B...or any car produced by British Leyland in the 70's

Must give the average Brit that old familiar nostalgia! :P

It is just a joke my British friends. no harm, no foul.

y0haN2939d ago

Consoles sell with a domino effect region wise. The 360 sold shedloads when it came out in the UK and it's still doing so because that's what people's friends have, and people want to play with their friends. Although more and more people I see are having both HD systems nowadays.

Guido2939d ago

You can bookmark this page and quote me in January if you like.

mint royale2938d ago

Where in the UK or world?

I think its nailed on really:

360 in the UK
Ps3 in the world sales.

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IcyJoker1872939d ago

So it didn't actually outsell it 3:1, they just think it will?
Nice headline.

Delta2939d ago

I think they had a Typo :)

yoghurt2939d ago

oh no, does that mean I won't be able to enjoy all of the ps3 exclusives coming? oh, no, it has no effect, i'll move on then...

jack_burt0n2939d ago is the only deal site worth anything.