War vets doing games is "pretty f***ing bizarre" - Haze writer

"There are some shooters that will bring in a war veteran to check and see whether their game is enough like that time all their friends got killed, so they can sell it as entertainment. Which is pretty f***ing bizarre!" Yescombe told Eurogamer during one of his Haze presentations at UbiDays last month.

"So what we're looking at with Haze thematically is, how are we presenting war as entertainment in videogames? Because, war isn't just black and white and good and evil; there's ambiguity."

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eques judicii4210d ago

that the haze developers are trying to curse as much as possible to get attention.

sajj3164210d ago

good point. I think its more about getting as much press for Haze as possible. Its not a good thing, its not a bad thing as ultimately its the game that either delivers or not. Given their history (developers that is), it will (cross fingers).

PS360PCROCKS4210d ago

I was just thinking that!!! lol how funny is that I saw the headline and was like "damn these guys cuss alot"

gta_cb4210d ago

first bit of news from a developer cursing lol.

techie4210d ago

They are brits. Swearing comes with the territory...we don't "curse".

TheMART4210d ago

True, true,

when I studied abroad, for 6 months, lots of Americans there. In Dutch we have a word 'kont' which just means ass, where it sounded to them as 'c*nt' so they were shocked.

And I loved to say flying f*ck when they were around, so freakin' funny. I would like a game like Haze also to curse ingame, would be nice! :-)

TruthHurts4210d ago

this is a beautiful thing. that doesn`t happen much.

techie4210d ago

just think of Billy Connolly...he swears his head of, but everyone loves him. It's how you say it as Karebare says. I don't think there are really such things as swear's if they are used offensively.

gta_cb4210d ago

wasnt there news recently saying this game would call you a pu$$y?

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Karebear4210d ago

Believe it or not, this all comes from the Puritan's in the United States. They mistranslated some key passages in their scriptures and decided to expand upon it by making non-religious words taboo. It makes as much sense as unilaterally deciding the word pumpkin is bad and punishing people who use it.

Literally the word "profane" means anything that was outside the Temple in Jerusalem. You had the Holy and the Profane. They deemed any word that took ones mind off the Holy as profane, then they went on to define what they thought those words were.

How we break the chain of silliness I'll never know. I told a teacher one time to go apple herself and got detention for it. I asked what was so bad about the word Apple? She said it was how it was used and the meaning behind it. I countered with, well then what your saying as the specific combination of letters said means nothing its really all intent, so "bad words" don't exist. She looked confused and gave me more detention. *sigh*

DirtyRat4210d ago

lol Karebear good comment have a bubble

HandShandy4210d ago

Bubble from me aswell....

Nothing to really do with Haze, but has alot to do with censorship and the way so called "Profanities" are treated these days.

Excellent comment.

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