This is the future of Aion

A new video shows the future of Aion. New graphics, new effects, new enemies and much more. It's not clear if or even when these features will make it into Aion.

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Raf1k13188d ago

This makes me want to continue playing.
I'm guessing this might be part of an expansion.

Chris3993188d ago

Still have my account prepaid for several months, so I'll check it out again, but whatever impact or impetus they could have had on the market has been lost due to very poor communication.

Not sure if you've been to the forums lately, but man, a lot of unhappy people there.

Shame, as the game is rather brilliant in some areas - pvp, graphics.

Pain3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

That there showing the Playstation 3 version..

But i gave up hope NcSoft's promise of PS3 MMO's... but they still have a chance with Blade & Soul..

crosses finger's & that vid is Sexy hot!!

o o
o O

Motion3187d ago

I'd love to see them make some ps3 mmo's as well (ncsoft), but I'm pretty sure they said that deal has fallen through the cracks. I don't remember where i read that though, sorry for no source.

Midgard2283187d ago

this will be awesome, so awesome :D

and chris

bots and gold selling isnt that bad at all anymore, and dude those things r everywhere, wow, lineage, free mmo's everywhere.

now in aion i only mostly see set up shops with ads but thats it. if u havent played for a while try it

NiteX3187d ago

I hated the game before, but after that trailer it really changed my mind. When this graphical update comes around I will definitely check it out. I'm guessing it's DX10 or 11 enhancements? I wish WoW would get a graphics upgrade like this. Once that update hits it will definitely be the best looking MMO out. Currently it looks slightly better than WoW graphics.

Midgard2283187d ago

did u say it looks slightly better than wow currently? maybe if u have a crappy comp, aions graphics r still insane and is still best lookin mmo out now, the fact that its gonna look alot better is just more icing on the cake :3

wow looks hideous, where the lighting? wheres the textures, and wtf is up with all those blocky characters? that and everyone looks the same not to mention gameplay is out dated by now. wow is the best for casuals tho i guess


Looks sick! Cant understand why the people think the game is bad should I get this game? I loved Guild Wars so if anyone says its good I will go out and buy it right away lol.

Myze3187d ago

Well, many people don't like it, for good reason, because it's an Eastern MMO in the sense that it has MASSIVE amounts of mindless grinding to level. Western MMOs, like LotRO, WoW, WAR, AoC, while not all of them are good, there is very little grinding when compared to games like Lineage 2 and Aion. Guild Wars isn't really an MMO in the same way the other games I mentioned are. Also, the entire point of that game is the end game for pvp purposes, not who can spend the most time on the game to get there first.

I enjoyed Aion up till about level 40, but then I realized I was only playing because I wanted to max level and to make sure the time I had already spent wasn't wasted. In other words, I quit having fun, and that's when I stopped playing (lvl42). After about level 30, you can get maybe 10% of your level off of quests, and the rest you have to get purely by grinding mobs. There are instances and outdoor elite areas to group with, but in most cases and with most classes, it's faster to solo grind if all you want is xp. Anyway, if they ever decide to make more than 6-7 quests available per level so you can get at least 1/2 or more on questing, I may go back. But spending 18+ hours killing the same mobs over and over to get 1 level is not my idea of fun. It's not hard either, it's just plain boring.

You will hear supporters of the game claim that you feel like you earned something when you hit 50, but in my opinion, in a pvp game like Aion, the leveling should be easy so that the real meat of the game is in the pvp at endgame, where it is based on skill and not most time spent killing the same mobs over and over.

Evilryusam3187d ago

@NiteX i think you need your eyes checked or get glasses unless your playing aion on a ancient pc aion on max settings makes WoW look like a snes game.

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