Rome: Total War 2 Likely - Modern Warfare Rumours Quashed?

NowGamer: Speaking exclusively to Creative Assembly Studio Director Mike Simpson. "World War I isn't fun." He argues "So you'd probably want to skip over that and go to World War II or modern warfare, and at that stage your battle fields get much bigger. You've got where, what we've got at the moment is four kilometres or so, you've suddenly got 40, or 400. An then if you go up to 40 kilometres you're talking, rather than 100 men in a unit, it's a 100 tanks in a unit."

"Rome 2, Yeah... that's interesting"

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Major Kanimo3040d ago

plzz stay away from the 20th century Creative Assembly your style of creating games doesnt work modern warfare it will just feel like company of heros

aGameDeveloper3040d ago

Yeah, I even thought Empire was almost too modern. One thing I loved about Rome and Medieval was the clear differentiation between units. With Empire, every unit felt pretty much like the next, unless you geeked out on the numbers (range, power, defense), alone.

3036d ago
psiom3040d ago

Man I hope R:TW2 is next. The Total war series has been by far the most enjoyable RTS'ing for me in a long time.

Bolts3040d ago

I'm agreeing here. Rome TW is probably the best and most attractive of the series with Medieval TW 2 being a close second. Hell they can revisit Shogun too while they're at it. Its not like they haven't done it before, if they can make Medieval 2 then why not go for Rome 2?

1111113040d ago

I would love to get my hands on a rome tw2.

kydrice3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

I would absolutely love R:TW2 but I kind of want them to go back to their first game and make Shogun Total War 2, whichever they decide is fine really.

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