16,000 users banned from Aion

Almost 16,000 accounts have been removed from the Western version of massively multiplayer online game Aion, primarily for using third party software (botting) and taking part in illegal gold buying and selling.

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Zedux3073d ago

that sounds a lot but just imagine 1 million people!!!

Jerk1203072d ago

Good on NCSoft, I guess.

Keep them going.

Oh and Ps3 sucks.

DirtyLary3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Poor MMO lifers. That's gotta feel like losing a piece of your soul. All those 16 hour days sitting in front a pc grinding out that game, all for nothing now.

kraze073072d ago

I'm pretty sure most of the people that got banned were probably gold spammers. The don't just randomly select people to ban.

Gun_Senshi3072d ago

Bots, cheaters, gold buyers, gold spammers.

Good thing they are actually banning them