Top 12 Christmas gifts for PS3 owners

TechRadar writes: While many of the PS3's accessories are essentially the same as the Xbox 360s, its really rather splendid media player/Blu-ray abilities means it attracts an additional crowd of add-on devices designed to make the best of this.

Of course, that's not to say there isn't a bunch of splendid shiny things that improve its gaming clout, too.

See if any of these 12 wondrous PS3 gadgets take your fancy...

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Zedux3069d ago

I got one of those FragFX v2 is so much fun playing FPS!!!

ps3ftwin3069d ago

a 5850gpu to play all my multiplats.

ABizzel13069d ago

The Play and GO controller looks neat. I have an original console but, having 7 USB ports would be nice, without it looking sloppy.

Christopher3069d ago

Agreed. The Play & Go looks pretty good for a general remote and quick chat keyboard. First I've heard of it as well. Will see if I can find that in my area.

sorceror1713069d ago

I've got some of those already. The wireless keypad works pretty well - you won't write a novel on it but it's way better than the onscreen keyboard. The Blu-ray remote is nice to have and makes a lot of the video effects easier to get at. A USB port expander's almost necessary if you want to hook up extras like Singstar mikes.

And the PS2/USB converter's good to have. I only have two wireless controllers, but I can hook up a couple of PS2 controllers for when we want to play LBP 4-player or whatever.

phosphor1123069d ago

These are better.

The ones with at least 2 ports. I just got one. Yeah they look ugly, but they work PERFECTLY. AND it supports 2 controllers. You can also use it to plug in PS2 controllers to you PC, which is just outstanding.

PS3PCFTW3069d ago

id sell my mother to buy one

Madusha3069d ago

Good list, Uncharted 2 needs to be added to it ; )

ia_studio3069d ago

I couldve swear that thing was an iron.

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-GametimeUK-3069d ago

Best gift for a PS3 owner is a 360 and hope they take the hint.

Noctis Aftermath3069d ago

why, so they can learn to appreciate the PS3 even more?

ceedubya93069d ago

Whether you like one more than the other, at least if something comes along for the one you like the least, you will be able to play any game you want. Nothing wrong with getting a game console for free. Might as well use it. Of course, if you REALLY hate it that much, it can always be returned or traded in for something else.

peeps3069d ago

"Best gift for a PS3 owner is a 360 and hope they take the hint. "

i'm a ps3 owner, but also a 360 owner. what hint would they give me exactly?

anyway good list tbh. most i already knew about but didn't know about that remote/keyboard. actually looks really useful and not a bad price. i make do with the controller atm for movies and onscreen keyboard, but a 2-1 solution for around £20 sounds pretty good

gamingisnotacrime3069d ago

i sold my 360, and now i like my PS3 even more
What was the hint again?
360 got great game no doubt about it
if MS makes online play free, i will buy a 360 again, but until then is a no go

Roper3163069d ago

what hint is that?

1 - how to make a crappy out dated console that breaks down regularly?

2 - how to rip off consumers with over priced peripherals & not allow them to enjoy the complete game they bought without further expense.

3 - How to act like your console has exclusives when they haven't had a quality exclusive in over a year ( Gears2 ). L4D2 is crap, Forza is crap or maybe the stellar Darkest of Days, NOT more crap!!!!

4 - To let people know what it was like gaming in the 90's with the swapping of discs.

So what hint exactly are you looking for that PS3 only owners to pick up on?

I have an Elite 360 and all's it is doing is collecting dust due to the fact I can't play online without paying for it, so buying a game is a waste of money for me on my 360.

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Capt CHAOS3069d ago

That was a joke guys... :-)

lordkemp0073069d ago


You can just buy the screaming skull protective mask cover instead.

That way it it will make a luscious shiny PS3 look like a melted Xbox 360.

Rowsdower3069d ago

i'd appreciate a consumer review.

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