The 13 games that Famitsu gave perfect scores in the magazine's 23yrs of existence

There is no other publication that has influenced the industry like the Famisu Magazine. It's more than just a publication, it's the first stop for many journalists who are looking for the latest breaking news, whether it's the magazine's Japanese hardware and software sales numbers, interviews, screenshots or the ever famous review scores.

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reintype3190d ago

and I'm willing to bet that there is going to be a number 5. Here's a hint, it ends with XIII.

presto7173190d ago

That is my own opinion. I feel that the game does nothing new, but just borrows from other franchises like devil may cry. Really, what makes Bayonetta so special. Do you honestly think it will win goty

chrisulloa3190d ago

Because you've played the game right? Lol, the people here make me laugh sometimes.

reintype3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Yeah, I don't think it warranted the score, but that's just based on the videos of the game I've seen and little of what I played through the demo, so I need to play and absorb it completely first to ascertain if my impressions of the game is correct, and god knows when will that be. There are just too many great games releasing next year, getting this on launch will be a strech for sure. So I'll probably pick this up along with FFXIII, either used or discounted.

What I don't understand is, how can Famitsu give this game a perfect score, and yet they didn't give perfect scores for DMC and Ninja Gaiden? Bayonetta is good, but it is a derivative title, and no way does it represent the pinnacle of the Stylish-Action genre, that Famitsu wants us to believe. DMC and/or Ninja Gaiden should hold that distinction.

Leathersoup3190d ago

There's a lot of games on that list that don't deserve a perfect score. Nintendogs? Really? Give me a break.

Then there's the obvious discrimination vs western made games. For an industry that is trying to keep up with the western market it seems odd that they don't have a single western focus game with a "perfect score".

Tempist3190d ago

When 7/13 games made in the last two years make up a list spanning 23 years, I find only two conclusions can be drawn.

1) Gaming for Fumitsu has been the best ever the last three years and their reviews are reflecting that

2) Fumaitsu editors and reviewers are slipping and becoming less critical of games.

I'm leaning towards point two which is worrying and does more or less reflect a growing problem with review journalism in gaming.

dead_eye3190d ago

bayonetta gets a perfect score because japanese love big boobs and tight reveling costumes.

nintendogs a perfect score ha ha ha.

epic fail of an article. maybe respected but clearly makes mistakes.

Parapraxis3190d ago

chrisulloa , a lot of PS3 owners have the demo.
And from what I can tell, it's a pretty good game, but not one I'm going to rush out and buy. Most likely I'll rent it.
Well, it's good, but not a 10/10 from what I've played.

SiteNblog Defender3190d ago

^Why didn't Dream Club get a perfect score? Just face it. Bayonetta is a good game...on the 360. PS3 version is crap.

multipayer3190d ago

Ninja Gaiden pwns it in every factor.

DaTruth3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

How is it the articles fault that Famitsu gave these games perfect scores? They are just reporting it.

You could debate whether Famitsu actually gave these games that score or whether this is even relevant as news or also, if there is even a point to the article to determine how fail the article is, but what they have written is fact.

PinkUni3190d ago

@reintype are you trying to say that they're getting paid off more?

maybe. but you have to remember that the videogame industry has a lot more resources then it did 10 years ago

i would pretty much agree with all the perfect scores they gave

@presto717 maybe you don't think it deserves it because its japanese?

i bet if god of war was up there you wouldn't complain

Marceles3190d ago

I don't think Bayonetta should get a perfect score either, and I imported. Great game, but compared to the early games on the list that got a perfect score I don't think it should've gotten it.

And there's a typo in the article...FF12 got a perfect score not FF7.

TheBand1t3190d ago

The PS3 version scored 2 less points. How phuckin' terrible.

ABizzel13189d ago

Based off the demo I agree, that Bayonetta isn't a 10/10. The combat is great probably the best looking out of any game (watching the combat in motion is amazing). But I haven't played the entire game and sometimes a game is better than it's demo for example Batman Arkham Asylum's demo didn't do the game justice. I didn't care for the demo, but after playing the entire game I loved it.

But I doubt Bayonetta will still warrant a 10/10. The story seems to be on par (writing wise) with a mediocre anime, and for a game to get a 10/10 from me means everything has to be top notch.

THe highest ratings I've awarded games this gen was a 9.4/10 to MGS4 and Uncharted 2. Bayonetta doesn't compare to those experiences based off the demo.

zeeshan3189d ago

Why isn't there Uncharted on the list? I mean Uncharted surely beats Bayonetta in almost every way!

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skewit3190d ago

Next year - Gran Turismo 5

Lifewish3190d ago

wow they gave perfect scores to a few terrible games.. Nintedogs?? Bayonetta??

skewit3190d ago

And which version? I heard the PS3's was crap.

Eamon3190d ago


I played the demo in Eurogamer Expo a few weeks ago. It's pretty good and framerate is beautiful. The gameplay reminds me when DMC3 came out and how amazing that was. Full of strategy, combos and forcing you to press that dodge/guard button.

This game might be one of the most underrated games this year.

Kira833190d ago

the 360 version got perfect, PS3 got 38 due to some short comings in the graphics.

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BYE3190d ago

Half of them are 2008 and later.

So, either games are really getting better or game journalism is getting worthless...

Eamon3190d ago

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Final Fantasy VII
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots

Bayonetta isn't out yet in our regions so I can't say for sure.

Kira833190d ago

FF VII didnt get a perfect score especially not 9 years after release lol. It's supposed to be FF XII.

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