PlayDevil: Forza Motorsport 3 Review


"The game runs at a constant 60fps, with no signs of screen tearing or slowdown. Personally, I'm happy with 30fps, as long as a sense of speed is maintained, and whilst there's no doubt that Forza does feel a little more fluid and responsive, and you get more physics calculations, 90% of drivers out there wouldn't notice the difference, but probably would notice the graphical upgrades if framerate had been sacrificed."

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Bereaver3188d ago

Anyone who supports Turn 10, supports school bullies.

EvilBlackCat3187d ago

Anyone who supports YOUR COMMENT is a puzzy!

GamerKnights3187d ago

Indeed, Forza 3 is really the greatest for the X360.

Tesselation 3603187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Cant get it out of my xbox. Everytime i play sometin else i allways thinkin what car i can upgrade or tune better in my head. Damn that Porche Carrera GT looks good :)

Well done Turn 10. I am still in awe as how the hell did they manage to make you feel the weight and balance of the car when driving from cokpit view. Perfect.