Nintendo Vitality Sensor has great potential

At E3 in 2009 Nintendo announced their Vitality Sensor and the video game world yawned. Just recently they have announced that they will be showing games for it at 2010 E3, that the device would be available to buy in Q4 '10 and the video game world yawned again. Which is a shame because it has massive potential. With the right software support it could be bigger than the balance board.

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AAACE53126d ago

At the rate Nintendo is going, soon it will feel like you're getting strapped into a lie detector machine just to play a!

Too much BS with them now a days.

3123d ago
SpoonyRedMage3127d ago

I think it's got good, but limited potential. A horror game could make great use of it but it's hard to find a use in other games and it could be detrimental to them too.

Roper3163127d ago

all the senior citizens need it when playing Wii fit, so it should sell good and is needed by 1/2 of the Wii crowd. Now they just need to come up with a sensor for detecting wet diapers for the other 1/2 of the Wii gamers.

Torkith3126d ago

Nintendo should focus on getting more great games in the works. I have no intention of buying this accessory. They should stop creating these insane accessories and start pumping out a new Starfox, F-Zero, Pikmin and other great franchises they have.

Don't get me wrong, Nintendo is catering to a lot of people, but I only bought one game this year. New Super Mario Bros, unless Mario Kart came out this year too, if not then yes, just one game.

CrippleH3126d ago

Looks like the vibrating touch from Trojan condom maker.

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