Famitsu reveals Japanese sales of DSi XL

Famitsu has revealed how well the DSi XL has sold in Japan in the first two days of the system's launch.

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Valay3159d ago

I do think that number is pretty good. Basically, the only new perk is larger screens and free DSiWare software. I wonder how many of the older gamers bought the XL, though, since that is Nintendo's main target with this release.

toaster3159d ago

I have a DS. Yes, the first one. The chunky grey one. It's been through hell and back with me and still managed to survive.

I'm surprised the XL doesn't come with cookies! Because BigN is milking the DS right now.

AAACE53159d ago

I've learned my lesson! I got a DS lite, barely played it, had a hard time selling it for a decent amount. Bought a DSi, barely played it, had a hard time selling it for a decent amount.

Anything with the letters DS in them will be a hard sale for me! I think most people who already have DS' will pass on this at least until the price comes down.

Nac3159d ago

Just like they did with the GB.

Madusha3159d ago

That doesn't sound right '103,524 in two days' just for a slightly larger screen :0

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knox3159d ago

idk who cares about this but the psp go got like 28k in sales in its first day

Sarcasm3159d ago

I'm shocked that they didn't release another iteration of the Wii yet.

SpoonyRedMage3159d ago

Well, I don't know how well the strategy would translate to the home console market, the PS3 slim could suggest it works but the Slim was done to drop the price where portable iterations are designed to keep prices up...

Could be a good idea but they'd have to be careful about how much they add. Look at the DSi, some people complain it adds too little and some complain that it adds to much and has split the userbase.

matta3159d ago

Bigger screen, same resolution?
Why would people want that?