Top 10 current PlayStation 3 exclusives

DenOfGeek: Having looked at the upcoming PS3 exclusives recently, I thought that I'd turn my attention to the top exclusives available to date. So if you own a PS3 and need some inspiration on what game to try next or if the last article didn't provide you with a reason to buy one, here are some exclusive titles that I feel deserve a purchase...

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Lou Ferrigno2980d ago

excellent list.. cant argue with that realy... allthough heavenly sword is an amazing exclusive that i wish one day SCEA coems out with a sequel. i loved lair (after controls were fixed). and resistance 2 was simply amazing.
but out of all that list deamons souls should DEF be up there.

Monolith2980d ago

AGREED, and i agree with this list, where the hell is warhawk aswell.