Microsoft announce Limited Edition Xbox 360 NXE Bundle

Microsoft has just announced a new X360 bundle, "Limited Edition Xbox 360 NXE Bundle".

Will be available for around 79,99 euro.

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Elven63157d ago

That's a pretty good bundle, the adapter alone takes up $100 US!

tatotiburon3157d ago

why people keep saying that the new adapter is $100 if in amazon you can get it for $84?

bigrudowsky3157d ago

cause thats the price everywhere else i mean do people only do their shopping online? no believe it or not the vast majority of people still shop at physical stores.

OpenGL3157d ago

Because that's the MSRP?

Imallvol73157d ago


Even at 84$ its still ridiculous so your point is moot. I am a part of the problem because I bought a Wifi adapter. Works great, but I wayyyy overpaid.

Baliw3157d ago

They are just getting ride of the old network adapter and the remote control.

By no means it will be the new N adapter. Less when it have a tag of 100€ in Europe.

Nice try Microsoft...

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condorstrike3157d ago

is this real?

sounds too good to be true.

Chubear3157d ago

20bucks more than a PS2 and cheaper than a PS2 bundle w/ 2 games. ... in year 4.. Wow.

Kushan3157d ago

Guessing you two didn't read the article? This isn't a CONSOLE bundle, it's just an accessory bundle (Wireless adapater, media remote and some Live Gold/Points).

arsenal553157d ago

nobody caresssssssss. itll just rrod on you a month afterwards.. whats the difference if its limited edition

Magnus3157d ago

I wonder if it is the new wireless N adaptor

Baliw3157d ago

No way.
People can still dream about it.

zoks3103157d ago

That's a $200 value for $80? I don't care how desperate MS is but they would not sell a 360 at that price.

tatotiburon3157d ago

the system is not included

XXXCouture3157d ago

it says 80 euros. thats 120 $

IdleLeeSiuLung3157d ago

... but I do wish Wifi was just built in. However, I do like choices though....

-Alpha3157d ago

How are they desperate to sell consoles? They are in second place, have made a ton of profit, etc.

No need to damage control/make excuses for business moves that benefit sales for MS.

Kushan3157d ago

Here's a hint: Read the article before commenting on it.

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