Turning your PS3 into a Personal Video Recorder.

Annoyed that you missed Iron Chef last night? Disgruntled because you had to duck out to the bathroom during the *insert sporting code here* grand finals and you missed the most memorable moment of the game?

Getting crabby because you're about to go on holidays for a week and you'll be out of touch with your friends in Summer Bay the entire time?

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shutupandplay3163d ago

Turning your ps3 into anything that will make you forget it`s a mediocre game machine.

Blaster_Master3163d ago

speaking of, time to play some Bad Company 2 on my ps3 while you play your laggy p2p MW2. Good day to you sir.

SixTwoTwo3162d ago

LOL so PS3 got no games I take it XD

SixTwoTwo3162d ago

They should bring this to the US. A great idea would be bundle some of them with a 500gb HDD. DO IT SONY.

xg-ei8ht3162d ago

I don't have it, but it's interesting.

I do agree however, that file size,compression etc, those things are important, and there should be an option for them.

On a standard dvd recorder, you can choose compression.

Dam SONY, use divx, mp4 whatever.