Gates wants to outdo Wii

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates has offered further hints at the direction Microsoft's gaming division is taking, and if his comments at last week's All Things D conference are anything to go by, Gates wants to outdo Nintendo's Wii.

"Software is doing vision and so, you know, imagine a game machine where you're just going to pick up the bat and swing it or the tennis racket and swing it", he said.

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Babylonian4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Someone pinch his cheeks please.

So first MS wanted to build a PS3 with their Elite, now they want to build a Wii? Talk about identity crisis.....

I also read this comment from the site which was quite funny:

"**I think Bill Gates can only talk in zeros and ones; he's one of the most incoherent billionnaires I can think of.

What is he talking about anyway? He is just saying "We're gonna assimilate the Wii's technological distinctiveness into our own. Resistance is futile."

Are we supposed to be impressed or excited? Bill if I wanted a Wii-like control system, I'd buy a Wii. Not interested in any of your half-baked rip-offs. Stick to programming, you gorm.**"

So Sony copied the motion sensing, why the the fvck should I care. The Playstation 1 was actually a SNES CD. But at least Sony copies it good and does it better.

Dude what's wrong with you? Pain, why the hell should I feel pain. I like my MS OS system, I think it's very good. So don't know what the hell your trying to say. If Sony made an OS than i wouldn't buy it.

As for the taking a bat or tennisracket instead of a controller (as like playing Wii without wiimote), isn't that called the Playstation Eye. That's old dude. Sony came up with that last gen and it is further developed this gen. How will they do it, and please don't mention that halfbaked "Vision Cam". With PS Eye you don't/didn't (Eyetoy PS2 too) have to use a REAL bat, just your BODY. No bat (lol). And trust me, nobody is going to say "wii who?......haa wai", well maybe just you.

Just because I banged your mom last night doesn't mean she's a bad woman, she's just doing her job.

I'm happy with my life, I have everything I want. I almost have my bachelor's degree in Business Administration and I'm doing an internship for the biggest insureance company in the Netherlands, now just because your life sucks doesn't mean everybody else does too.

deepio4188d ago

Let's not forget that on seeing the Wii in action, Sony suddenly decided to stick a half-baked motion control system into their gamepad.

Everyone copies everyone to some extent, it's just the ways it goes.

BIadestarX4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Hey hater... do you even know what he is talking about? Did you read/saw the interview? "Bill if I wanted a Wii-like control system" what control system... he is talking about not using an electronic input device as an input device.. instead.. you want to play baseball.. get a real bat... you want to play tenis.. you use a real tenic racket... you want to play a fighting games use your body.. no wiimote... no controller. How is that a ripoff?
I think microsoft already figured out how to recognize objects accurately if they can do that with surface... it's obvious that they will try to put this into games. Hate all you want.. but if this is succesfully released.. people are going to say.. wii who? I know the pain that knowing that microsoft can make this happen causes you pain... but that's something I'm sure you are already used to it. You go through it.. on every xbox released, every AAA game released, every windows version and everything else microsoft does.

Saint Sony4188d ago

Just because you fail in life doesn't mean Bill's plans won't work either.

Karebear4188d ago

Its been well documented already that Sony was working on the Six Axis way before the ultra secretive Wii motion system was announced. For the last time, hopefuly, Sony did NOT copy the Wii. *sigh*

A lot of times in the industry you get simultaneous development because the technology is ripe for that development to occur. Then, at least in the US, it becomes a race to see who can squeeze through the vaguest patent possible that hints at the way the tech trends are swinging so that they can sue whoever does the groundwork to make the product later on.

gta_cb4188d ago

just like deepio said, businesses copy businesses. so please stop with the stupid comments and actually comment on the article (without trying to flame)

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PS360WII4188d ago

I like it because it's showing that even the self described next-gen systems look at the gamer described last-gen Wii as something to work off of. So I guess the horrible Wii is like a stepping stone into the next level of gaming.
Plus rather than showing back pedaling by MS is shows initiative that MS likes what the Wii is doing and would like to offer a similar experience for existing 360 owners who like many of you look down on the Wii.

RealityCheck4188d ago

I think the idea of playing a sport with the actual equipment is a nice concept and would be a great feat for visual recognition. However, given the personal injuries and damaged TV that occured early on with people not using the Wiimote strap or the strap breaking, I can picture even more injuries and destruction by someone wielding a full size racket in a living room, then I picture a golf club and the potential for pain and destruction, and then I picture an HDTV with a bowling ball embossed in the glass... strike! I think this might only work in control environment like an ESPN zone or places like that.

Cartesian3D4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

may be they want to make GUITAR HERO like games.. with stuff and more price..ITS F'in INNOVATION!!! sarcasm.. :P

its fun .. but I want to spend less than 89$ per game.. thx

its my choice :P ..

I think they want to make multi function (programable) controler like Wii but smaller.. u can attach it to a tennis racket and play... it will be better.. but its SAME as wii.

EDIT: I dont have Wii.. cuz of last gen graphics.. but if they make sth like that for 360 I will get it.. good for 360 users..

hfaze4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

Well, I gotta admit that Nintendo at least made Microsoft and Sony recognize the importance of motion sensing to a "next-gen" gaming experience.

It'll be interesting to see what Microsoft comes out with to counter the Wii. Sony is coming out with the Playstation Eye to counter the Wiimote (the SixAxis does have motion sensing, but it's going to take more that just that...)...

Kinda sounds like both Microsoft AND Sony got caught with their pants down by Nintendo... :-P

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