VGA next unanounced game will be teased tommorow

VGarabia: With each day pass us away, we are getting more and more closer to see which game will win the game of the year award. But what is more interesting is the unannounced games that will be unveiled at this year's VGA.

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Zedux3074d ago

pure hype! All I want is to see Sony starting the Playstation Awards!

Guido3074d ago

Sounds like something is brewing...

LastPlaceConsole3074d ago

Valve will announce Episode 3 with a Trailer

lowcarb3074d ago

Screw the awards it's all going to be opinion anyway. I'm looking for Reach footage.

leeger3074d ago

it's ME2 for the PS3!
it's wishful thinking though

Madusha3074d ago

The next call of duty? Or maybe a spin-off.

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Uzesgelen_Goo3074d ago

including official Yakuza 3 release date (^^)b

alaa3074d ago

But I doubt it will be unveiled too soon. They will keep it until the show goes live.

nix3074d ago

it will be a 360 exclusive game. what do you expect from people who didn't put Killzone 2 in the best games category. or GT5 missing from Most anticipated game.

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The story is too old to be commented.