Battlefield meets Crysis: First Trailer of Casus Belli

The very first Trailer from the upcoming Crysis Mod Casus Belli.

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champ213187d ago

this game just keeps getting better.

pc all the way.

toaster3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Won't see these visuals anywhere else.
CryEngine makes consoles cry.


Hell, even Source Engine makes consoles cry.


This isn't a multiplat game. It will never be, and the console version of CryEngine2 will probably make your consoles explode.

t8503187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

agreed this will be aweseome


even obselete games like mw2 make consoles cry.. mw2 runs on both the consoles at 600p, dirty textures. Lets not even talk about cryengine it probably will be running at sub-540p 25fps just to run on the consoles.

ps3ftwin3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

just another multiplat my ps3 will have to sit out on. i will be getting a dx11 gpu for this and crysis 2.


thats why i am getting a dx11 gpu.. no way i am playing crysis2 on my ps3, i just play exclusives on my ps3 now.

mal_tez923187d ago

A gaming PC will produce better quality graphics than a console, if it has good parts. But the cost of a console is much less.

Also, some people seem to forget that not everyone has good computers. Last month, before I got my $250 graphics card, my PC looked a LOT worse than my PS3. But some people say that a PC will always beat a console, when it will clearly not be ALWAYS and only when the PC is good.

Anyway, I'm just getting boring now and am looking forward to this game.

ThePostalDudeX3187d ago

JUST getting boring mal? you were always boring.

champ213187d ago

@ maltez

what gpu did you get for 250usd? you sure you didnt get ripped off?

cause from what i am aware even a 100usd gpu will make games look better then the ps3 or the 360 :P

consoles being cheaper then pc is a myth.. price of console games alone makes console more costly, not to mention charges to go online expensive accessories etc.

AnttiApina3187d ago

Holy crap, This mod looks really professional!

Madusha3187d ago

Looks awesome, can't wait to see more :D

mal_tez923187d ago

Not $250USD, $250AUD, I live in Australia. Things are more expensive here.

And @ PostalDude

LOL I know. I'm just saying what I think to be true, but knobody cares lol.

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dannybohy3187d ago

graphics dont look anything special! lets hope the game play is good!?

mal_tez923187d ago

Graphic look great, and that question mark is not needed at all.

DeadlyAnGeL917923187d ago

yeah i gotta say the graphics look a bit uhm dated...

hoops3187d ago

They look better then anything consoles can do

ThePostalDudeX3187d ago

Outdated graphics Deadly? your a joke man....and Hoops your damn right on that one.

masterg3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

I have to agree.
I loved Crysis and I played it on a high end PC.

When I watch this video I think both UC2 and Battlefield BC2 BETA look alot better. The mod is impressive but the graphics do not impress me at all.

3187d ago
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