Famitsu review scores

The latest Famitsu review scores are coming in and include the first another perfect score from the magazine.


Updated with other scores such as Assassin's Creed 2.

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Valay3015d ago

Seems like Famitsu has handing out a lot of perfect scores as of late. Unfortunately, I can't provide a real opinion since I haven't played the game yet (still have a huge backlog).

Madusha3015d ago

Assassins Creed 2 seems to be accurately rated. Not too sure about Pikachu’s Great Adventure

Noctis Aftermath3015d ago

Another perfect score by famitsu, this is japans leading gaming magazine? they are becoming a joke.

callahan093015d ago

Famitsu is pathetic. Their reviews are completely meaningless now. They gave a total of 6 perfect scores from the beginning of the magazine in 1986 until 2007. Then, just in 2008 and 2009 alone they have added 7 more perfect scores to the list. They've more than doubled their perfect score games list in the last 2 years! What the hell?

kratos1233015d ago

my god whats up with famitsu there handing out great scores fore every lame nintendo game pikachu story come on look at that score its the same as demon souls can you guys believe this

PS3PCFTW3015d ago

famitsu is starting to become like ign

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MajesticBeast3015d ago

Mario is instant 10 for doing nothing new and not even having online play.

ZeroBlitz3015d ago

Have you played it? It's the best Mario game to be released in years. As well as being an excellent single player experience, you can play it with any friends regardless of interests or skill level and have a blast.

Valay3015d ago

Turns out this will be Famitsu's 4th game that received a perfect score in 2009 (most in a year), and we all know what's coming in December.

3015d ago
ninetailfox3015d ago

It's getting a little ridiculous.

Obelisk923015d ago

NSMB is better than Uncharted 2 to them...

Wolfie3015d ago

Don't compare two different genres. Mario is a platformer, while U2 is action-adventure game.

Hisiru3015d ago

Maybe NSMB Wii did everything right as a sidescroller/platformer but Uncharted 2 did something wrong as an action game?

As Wolfie said, you are comparing different genres.

kingdavid3015d ago

new super mario bros wii has nothing on ac2...

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