PlayStation Release Horizon 11/23/09

PlayStation LifeStyle writes: "After literally two solid months of triple-A title releases throughout October and November, do we really need more to play until releases start to pick up again? Of course we do! Unfortunately, this isn't our week since we have a whopping two retail releases across all three PlayStation platforms. Hopefully this week's PSN store update will leave a lot more to be desired so be sure to check out this week's weekly Rumored PlayStation Store content this Wednesday."

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ftwrthtx3186d ago

We own every version of KR released to date so I know we are picking that up.

T3mpr1x3186d ago

Wow, that really is barebones...I'll pass for both.

Roper3163186d ago

nothing for me, my last buys for 09 are the DLC for Borderlands later tonight and The Saboteur next month.

NotSoSilentBob3186d ago

After a year like 09 for Ps3 owners this is like a fly on the window. Nothing major coming out but damn I still have a few games left over from years past to catch up on but either way this list does not show anything for what has come out this year.

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