In Pictures: 15 years of Warcraft

Spandas Lui writes: "Hard to believe it's already been 15 years since a race of ugly green monsters passed through the Dark portal an invaded Azeroth.

Since then, the brutal green Orcs have renounced their violent past, Prince Arthas has been transformed into the vile Lich King to lead a undead scourge army and the nefarious Black dragon aspect, Deathwing, is gearing up to unleash his wrath on the world."

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spankipants3071d ago

Nice slideshow. Happy Birthday Warcraft!

csimpson3071d ago

I still maintain that Warcraft 3 has one of the best storylines (when you include expansions) of any RTS I've played - rivalling games like Homeworld. I've never been able to get into World of Warcraft though.

Rambles3071d ago

Whatever, lame games from a sh!t company. So boring. You may as well run 15 years of Pancake Baker 2.0 - yawn!