Castle Crashers PSN dev video for Painter Boss

El33tonline writes:

"Developers The Behemoth have released a new development video to prove they are still hard at work on the PSN version of Castle Crashers.

Here's how the Painter Boss came to life"

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-Alpha3135d ago

These guys are cool. Glad they decided to come to PSN, I wantz teh castle crashers

callahan093135d ago

Yeah, I agree. I'll get the PSN version when it comes out. I loved the demo on XBLA but never got around to buying it. I always wanted to but just never did. But when they announced the PS3 version, I decided to just hold off and wait for it. I pretty much get all my muliplatform games on the PSN now because of a combination of my best friend having PS3 and not 360 and - I don't know why, but - I'm addicted to trophies and couldn't care less about achievements.

vhero3135d ago

Wow there completly rebuilding rather than porting. I would say developers take note but to be fair this game is only an arcade type game although its quite big. Probably the only game I wanted on PSN from 360. Loved it on my 360 and was devastated when my 3rd 360 went. Now I got no reason to get another.

devilhunterx3135d ago

Lazy git. Get back to work!

devilhunterx3135d ago

Talk about a "Lazy Developer"