The Real Deal on Microsoft and modders, with proof

XBOX users get the 411 on what they need to know about pirating and buying a used XBOX. Microsoft is no longer playing games.

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champ213187d ago

microsoft should just cut their losses and quit.

no point milking their fan base and making losses while they are at it.

dirthurts3187d ago

Would they quit when they are doing so well?
That's just senseless.

badz1493187d ago

when they are already deep into the game? that's ridiculous because it's still an open game for all 3 console makers IMO! I would love for M$ to stay for competition sake!

mark35743187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

That's 600,000 people who are now gonna jump to the ps3 way to go microsoft...haha

mark35743187d ago

Thats 600,000 people who are now gonna jump to the ps3,not very smart microsoft great for sony though

dirthurts3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

It's not like loosing those gamers will hurt MS. Those are the ones who STEAL and sale STOLEN games anyway. If anything they'll make more money...or just loose less.
Who wants pirates playing online and cheating anyway?
I say Fck em.

ceedubya93187d ago

Unless the PS3 is easy to mod, which I don't think it is. So what would be the point?

Also, who's to say that the people with modded 360s don't already have PS3s anyway?

StanLee3187d ago

They not going to jumb ship. They're going to buy an arcade model and try newer mods to avoid detection. What people don't understand is that a person trying to circumvent the rules will only be looking for other ways to circumvent those said rules.

IdleLeeSiuLung3187d ago

Besides, if Sony is selling their console at a loss (and it was possible to pirate PS3 games)then this isn't the kind of customers Sony want.

Basically, pirates aren't contributors, but more like parasites!

sikbeta3187d ago

How many time stupid pirates can do that, isn't like a lot of money they're loosing with all crap-mod they do, asking cuz don't have any idea of this

This GEN is the beginning of the end for B*atches pirates!!!!


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The story is too old to be commented.