Then vs Now: Infinity Ward On Dedicated Servers, Mods In 2007

Kotaku writes: How time changes men. In 2007, Infinity Ward were gushing over the important things in Call of Duty 4 PC, like dedicated servers, "fat pipes" and the involvement of the mod scene. Wonder what, in the intervening years, has changed?

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saint_john_paul_ii3189d ago

Activision Changed them,thats what.

kaveti66163189d ago

I think that having to deal with the massive amounts of cheating going on in consoles versions and possible complaints about modded abilities in the PC versions took its toll on Infinity Ward. They took drastic measures by creating a proprietary matchmaking system so they could have further control of the multiplayer situation. It got rid of dedicated servers which will be hurting people who don't want to deal with lag caused by people with poor internet connections, but at the same time its IW's way of making sure cheating is monitored.

Infinity Ward's priority is to keep the game cheater-free. But their system sacrifices the smooth, lag-free experience. What to do? What to do? I'd hate to be in their shoes. They garner so much hate. They're called greedy bastards but I'm not so sure. We're all just a bunch of whiny brats who feel entitled to so much, we hardly ever stop to think how hard these guys work, and how talented they have to be stay relevant in the industry. And I hear they don't get paid very well, either.

Elven63188d ago

Activision changed them? You mean the same Activision that offered them a huge budget and development team to make Modern Warfare 2 which Infinity War declined?

IW Net or what ever it's called can still exist with dedicated servers, mods, etc. Just take a look at the Xbox Live, PSN, etc games that use dedicated servers with the latter allowing mods more freely.

paul03883188d ago

That's what it's all about, paid DLC. Not about cheating or piracy, it's only about paid DLC because the only time paid DLC works is when implemented into a system such as IWnet.

Ever not get map packs in CoD 5 on Xbox? It says your name in big red letters at the bottom outlining that you did not buy the DLC, and if you want to continue to play with your friends, it just short of forces you to buy it...

LukaX233188d ago

I love Infinity Ward, the 2007 Infinity Ward... CoD4 will always have a special place in my gaming heart.

evrfighter3188d ago

The background music in the beginning and end is what you'd hear when remembering a fallen hero.

RIP Infinity Ward and Call of Duty.

PC gamers will truly miss you.

PrimordialSoupBase3188d ago

Hilarious. Almost seems like someone did a recent edit job with that music.

mephixto3188d ago

Cheater freee???? are u crazy, there are tons of players right now using aim bots.

mastiffchild3188d ago

IW HAVE changed in a few ways and seem to have forgotten just who pays their wages in reality. It isn't Activision at all but us poor slobs(and Acti made sure we paid a premium, or they at least got it anyway, in the UK AND on PC too-wouldn't that suggest we get a premium game? With at least the features we got last time out and preferably dedicated servers on all platforms as it makes THEIR work shine that much more, no?)putting our mitts in our wallets for their games.

We aren't being over entitled whatsoever as it's natural to expect more or better when the publisher makes the game a premium release. It's batural to expect, to me, dedicated servers of the biggest game ever released esp when it leans so heavily on it's online MP. IW just want to control everything so there are no mods and all future maps can be sold by them at a price and that's it. They care much more about the bottom line than the quality of the game we play online and then they lie about why into the bargain, lie about hating fanboys when many were caught hating on the PS3 and started making videos that offended a lot of people and the terorist level was a hamfisted stab at making more controversy and more PR to sell yet more games and damn the quality(who couldn't have thought of a far better and more affecting way of showing the dilemma of undercover operatives? My 8 year old could've made a better fist of it, seriously)again. They seem to have forgotten what it is to be a gamer.

I don't buy any of the "we're doing it for you and to stop cheating BS either-why would I when they lie and change their tune constantly to whatever suits them? No, if I had made the game I would have wanted my game to BE the nest and not just sell the best. These are supposed to be creative people AND gamers to boot-so why have they stopped short of making the online game of the year the best online game of the year? We should all have had a game that moved on from MW1 and in many ways on PC this is a backwards step and makes dedicted COD servers for consoles even further away-esp now we rolled over for them just like Acti said we would. WE pay these guys so why can't we expect the best selling game ever to also have a feature seen as a natural thing on PC and working way better than P2P games for way smaller games on PSN and Live already? You think this stops cheating? No. You think this makes the game run better?Don't make me laugh. You think the absence of a PS3 beta helped the game run well at release? Rather than the cheap option of letting paying gamers do it for them? I think they behaved shockingly and because we not only allow it but have folk apologizing for them we better get used to pared back online games as every greedy dev and publisher will have seen how easily Acti and their dancing monkeys at IW have pulled of the divide and rule trick on our "community". We'll keep on getting shafted and paying more for getting less until we start to stick together a bit more and stop forgetting we have the ultimate power here-it all dies if we refuse to accept their BS. They would HAVE to listen and give in but sadly too many of us seem content to let the tail wag the dog while constantly doing their PR for them too!

Sod their greed and sod their feevle P2P excuses-why aren't they moving forwards with the incredible profits we've given them-is it unfair to ask the biggest online game of the year(it's 2009 btw. P2P in 2009 from the biggest game of the year allowing a feeble 9v9 and tons of lag!)to have something PC gamers, Live gamers(to a lesser extent) and PSN gamers(with several Sony published games much smaller than MW2)have come to expect of the best online games. Mainly, though, the fact it would make their game BETTER and they won't allow it shows me they realy care only about the money. Do NOT start me on the paper thin nonsense they called a story this time round after last time was so much better.

Millah3188d ago

COD4- a labor of love and a game for the gamers.

MW2- a cash-in off the huge success of the original, focused solely on milking money, not the hardcore gamers that got the series where it is.

mauleriscool3188d ago

none of the console versions of call of duty uses dedicated servers. It's all peer 2 peer

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ThePostalDudeX3189d ago

Mods, dedicated servers........this makes me sad.

SKUD3188d ago

Indeed. Everyone has there price.

badz1493188d ago

R.I.P. CoD! (at least for me) it "RIP" CoD? =D I can see many is doing the later if you know what I mean!

kornbeaner3188d ago

Looking at this video, makes me almost sad. Modern Warfare had so much soul in it, looking at it again makes me want to install on my PC and give it another go. Same can't be said with Modern Warfare 2, the game has no soul, no real feeling, it was made to cash in. Sad really, I never liked IW for certain reasons (personal reasons) but one couldn't deny that they made fun soulfull games, then MW2 is released and now I just hate everything about them.

Salvadore3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

2007: "Oh sh*t, if this turns out to be crap we are screwed".

2009: "Speak up! I cannot hear you over this money showering all over us".

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