XBOX 360: Holiday Shopping Guide 2009

"This Black Friday is the day where most gamers and parents will probably be buying an XBOX 360 for either themselves, for their kids, friends or their close relatives. I myself have worked at GameStop in the past and Black Friday is one of the busiest work days if you work for GameStop. Our Editor James knows that and will be suffering Friday (lol). There are a lot of parents who ask what games they should buy for their special someone and always ask the store clerk their opinion. Well as the year comes to a close, all of the great Games for 2009 are out for the XBOX 360, but what are the good games and the bad games?

Let's take a look at some of the games will be suited to your loved ones. We will show you the list of games that you should stay away from, and games that you should definitely buy. Let's get started."
- Just Push Start

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