Tekken 6 getting patched up for Thanksgiving

From PS3 Attitude: "The time has finally come. After weeks of torture due to a lackluster netcode in Tekken 6, Namco Bandai Games plans to release the promised fix for the holidays."

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NateNater3074d ago

Finally! I've been waiting for this!

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TheBlackSmoke3073d ago

All of you eddy, baek and lee players run and hide, your scrubby crap wont work anymore!.....hopefully.

sheng long3073d ago

Don't forget about Kazuya's moves which can't be blocked. especially his combo leg sweeps.

Cwalat3073d ago

Tekken gameplay has been destroyed, the old fun figthing system of Tekken series has been replaced by overexagurated fighters that are nothing but christmas gift for button mashers. Especially in online where one can't even begin to block before a Lili throws you up the air with the button mashing combo.

What happened to fighters with tactical and technical strategies to their combos?

All of a sudden gamers are leaning more towards finding a way to button mash their way through a game and win by cheating.

(and yes.. currently my Kazuya is getting r**aped with losses after the laggy online and cheaty gamers)

Don't know who to blame... Namco or cheaters?

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Rocco Siffredi3073d ago

Which version gets patched??

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Gobot3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

what's the point of patching the game now? too little to late. the majority of the people already traded this crap in when cod6 came out,lol. the game sucks major a_s, the netcode is still going to suck a_s even after the patch (tk5dr anyone?)
also forgot to add that i have this crap. if it wasn't for the b2g1 free deal at best buy i wouldn't have this game. crap6: 3 years to late and the graphics sucks a$sBellion

krisq3073d ago

Best and most balanced Tekken to date.

Keowrath3073d ago

I'd take Tekken6 with the crappy online over CoD6 anyday. Really not a fan of FPS games.

I hired it for a week and got the Plat. Really enjoyed the game, especially the scenario campaign. I will pick it up again when I find it for sale.

Not everyone thinks Call of Duty is the next coming of christ.

TheBlackSmoke3073d ago

Clearly gobot is a 360 owner. Tekken 6 was delayed a whole year because of the 360 version (which 360 owners love to brag about "stealing"), Then when it comes out no one on 360 cares after a couple of weeks. He clearly is a casual fighting fan who has no place to talk about something way above his head.

Tekken 6 is made for the Tekken fans and like krisq said it is the most balanced in the series. With the new patch and the scrubs moving on to camp of duty, T6 will get better.

Gobot3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

balanced? best? no. and no!
you say balanced yet you have characters that hit you three times and your health is either low or you;re dead. "bob paul and forgot the other characters"
all i can say to people that haven't bought the game is... rent the da game its an easy 1000 or platinum.
this game has one of the most horrific campaign modes I've ever seen in my life, I'm surprised it got high ratings. the people that payed 64 dollars for this game must feel like crap right about, the game is already heading for the bargain bin. i feel sorry for the people that went to the midnight release LMAO!! who the fu_k goes to a midnight release for a game that's going to be in stock the next day?

Gobot3073d ago

4.2 i agree with you cod6 isn't the second coming of jesus, but what would jesus play? a game with some sh1tty ass netcode or a game that has (almost) lag less online ?

4.3 tekken isn't a game that requires mathematical equations lol. if i were namco i would say fuc_ the usual tekken fans and port that sucka right to the wii. just look at the sells for tekken6 LLOPLOLOOKLMDGK;LNA

Keowrath3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Seiously, you sound like you got really burnt by Tekken6... What happened?

I had some REALLY unenjoyable online matches but that really didn't upset my feelings for the overall package. Hiring the game cost my 6 quid and I got more than my moneys worth out of it.

Depends on whether Jesus is a big online player I guess. If he's like me and he has real friends that come over to play games I expect he'd go for the Tekken option...

Gobot3073d ago

I'm pretty sure jesus had real friends. the guy had an entourage of 12 peeps but he had to leave to a different place and leave his friends behind. so im pretty sure he's an online guy

aaronisbla3073d ago

This is clearly one of the most balanced tekken games period, if you took the time out and do some research, you would know that, then again, if you are casual ( which i can tell you are, at least at this fighting game ) you won't look at the elements that makes it pretty damn balanced.

With your last few posts about it, its clear that you got smashed in it or something

Baka-akaB3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Dont feed the troll , it's obvious he doesnt know much about tekken .

Online issues aside and stupid decisions like in scenario asides , it's clearly the most balanced tekken of late ...

No more broken steve or devil , a more than welcome list of boost and changes to usually neglected tekken 2 and 3 old characters (Bryan fury and wang actually got new useful moves for a changes!! Can you believe it ?) , an heihachi who finally found his way without being neutered like in the past 2 versions , a jack that's actually competitive enough , a for once new characters that arent overpowered and killing the balance .

So duh paul hit you on counter and you loses lots of life ? Well that's how it's supposed to play out ... especially when he's easily punishable in turns . He's been like that in every good tekken ...

Or would you rather go back to the time when he simply poked you to death with his quick fist against the wall , just like steve's first appearance in t4?

As for Bob , you're obviously just not used to him .Sure he's fast and good , but you sure as hell dont know jack about him yet , unless you played arcade . And if you played arcade , you'd be used to him already .

Dear lord people !! Why bother ... it's the same with tekken6 than it was for blazblue , SF4 , kof , and how it will be with any good fighting game ... if you aint ready to spend some time learning the game and the characters ... and wanna be gods right now , then please DO GO BACK to COD with it's aim assist and weapons .

I do hope that like you said everyone unhappy will bring it back to the bin and move on with their soporific lives .
I'm tired of scrubs suddenly feeling like playing a fighting game without putting any effort into it .
SF4 suddenly selling millions wasnt worth that pain .. i can only hope SSF4 indeed would only appeal to fans by the time it's released . A smaller but dedicated community is better than millions of rage quitting fools

Dont flatter yourselves scrubs , fighting games still thrived very well without being the center of gaming attention .

Gobot3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

i dont even like that game and im pretty sure i would beat your as5 by button mashing
if you want to challenge me my psn is LIQUIDhAWK
in tekken all you have to do is wait for one guy to miss his hit and boom its a 16 hit combo from there
I must thank you baka , i started the morning a bit happy but knowing that theres stupid people in the world that drop money on garbo like this just brightened my day up. thanks again.. i'll even de-bubble you, not out of hate, but sheer happyness

Baka-akaB3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

And yet you dont even know how to beat paul and bob ?

Lol you just described the way of the scrubs ...
The road is paved with the dead bodies of fools who thought mashing 10+ hits would make them any good .

I must thank you , i started the morning a bit angry in the face of such load of crap ... but in the end your turned out to be a most entertaining jester . Thanks again ... i'll even give you a bubble , out of pity and as thanks

3073d ago
NateNater3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Gobot leave Jesus out of this. You disgust me.

"in tekken all you have to do is wait for one guy to miss his hit and boom its a 16 hit combo from there"

You obviously don't know how to play tekken or what its about. Gtfo troll

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bloop3073d ago

Gobot, you refer to MW2 as having "lag less online"??? What are you smoking??? Even in games that I have a perfect connection, the Killcam always tells a different story...........INFURIATING!!! ! About time Namco did something about T6 though.

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