TGR: Modern Warfare 2 Review

Dave Whitelaw tells us that Infinity Ward knocked it out of the park again, despite the "No Russian" mission being a low note

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SlamVanderhuge3156d ago

I wasn't as enamored with the single player campaign as the reviewr as, as all of the hoopla felt like it was masking the same tired gameplay. That being said, Spec-Ops rocked my life.

shoinan3156d ago

But the story in the campaign was bananas.

gidzilla3156d ago

Spec ops are still rocking my life

mr durand pierre3156d ago

I've heard so many good things about this game, but the bad things just sound so bad that they'd likely ruin it for me. Would like to give it a shot at some point though.

midi3156d ago

I highly recommend it. The airport level is a bit of ball-dropping but forgivable given the quality of the rest of the game.