War crimes should be disallowed in video games - just like they are in books, movies, and TV.

The BBC presents a thought provoking article, assuredly brought on by the controversial mission "No Russian" in Modern Warfare 2. In the mission, which the player can select whether or not to partake, the player is depicted joining a terrorist organization undercover and features mass civilian slaughter.

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Witty Comment3101d ago

mainstream media paints a picture of video games being such a different medium for entertainment to be released on. I read this news story from the aggregation site How many movies are released every year that depict horrific rape scenes or murders? If a video game were to offer a scene like that in the level of detail Hollywood shows, our community would be absolutely vilified for creating such a horror accessible to our children.

So here's a news story about it. :D

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

Maybe the BBC should focus a little bit less on video games and a whole lot more on how England is making George Orwell's "1984" look far more real than anyone ever imagined.

Darkstorn3101d ago

Kids under 17 shouldn't be playing uber violent games anyway, especially ones with content related to sick war crimes.
We have content regulations for this already: The ESRB. And it works. Leave it be.

jadenkorri3101d ago

like cmon, to me its just a video game... but talking about humanitarian laws in a video game, we all have shot or run down that innocent civilian in GTA, I certainly hope noone ever is sick enough to do it in real life. Even the new MW2 scene is horrific in sense if someone ever really did it, but it was the precursor to the whole story, not as if it was just there for entertainment value.. Its fantasy, and its good developers are thinking and going beyond.

nix3101d ago

i've read 1984. it's a nice book.

yeah.. freaking gov/media... stop acting as if movies and games are different. the whole freaking James Bond series (who is a british agent) thrived on Russians as villians. Rape, murder, horror, sex, war scenes - the freaking movies/tv shows have them all too. BAN THEM FIRST!

rambi803101d ago

To be fair movies and books don't put you in the role of a war criminal which is what MW2 does.
I looked at the video of the stage and could not help but feel somewhat perturbed.

To each his own.

coolfool3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

I agree, in the game you are actually playing the role. You are the terrorist, the torturer etc. In films you just watch the action on screen but don't take part.

The article states clearly that it is the "interactivity" that makes games different to movies. And whether you agree with it or not, games really ARE more interactive and that is why media will hit on it in a different way to movies.

You guys need to realise that there IS a difference, the question is whether that difference should mean different standards for games.

Swiftfox3101d ago

Video games are not real. That's all anyone has to remember, that is all anyone has to say to this tired argument. They are not real. Seems everyone confuses the interactivity with "realism" and that is simply not the case.

Even the interaction is all based on context of what the creator wants to convie. It can be badly created or well created but video games themselves, as a whole, are not evil, and are no different from books and movies in this regard.

Christopher3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

Super Mario Bros supports the idea of mushroom eating, which in most areas of the world is illegal drug use. There's also violence towards turtles on a disturbing level, where the player jumps on top of them and even uses them as projectile weapons to kill other creatures.

Did they have the lawyers review this as well?

The issue with video games isn't the content, it's that certain people who are inclined to develop bad and possibly violent behaviors are more likely to develop them. Then again, this is why there's supposed to be something we call 'parenting' happening that will enable parents to see how their children are affected by video games and take the appropriate measures to prevent such behavior. The other 99.999% of the population is just as affected by video games as they are by books and movies.

thewhoopimen3101d ago

That's easy for you to say right now, but as game graphics will no doubt outstrip even Crysis in the future, that distinction may get more and more difficult to differentiate. Couple that with new upcoming immersion technology like 3D, haptic technology, digital scent, technology etc, and you might not be so comfortable.

nycredude3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

People need to learn to chill out and place their energies where it is needed. Go find out a way to control illegal guns, drunk driving, curing cancer all of which causes more death than everything else combined! How about worrying about terrorist, and sleeper cells instead. Censoring video games is retarded and should/is a violation of the freedom of speech/expression!

Try doing this in movies and see what happens! Would Shindler's List be the same movie? What about blood diamond, or any number of movies that depict war crimes?

And please don't use that stupid cop out excuse but but but video games are interactive. If you have trouble determining video games from real life then you have WAY BIGGER issues to deal with.

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ReBurn3101d ago

War crimes are disallowed in books, movies and TV? Where does this censorship occur?

Witty Comment3101d ago

That's kind of the point of the headline, to basically call BS on anybody questioning that kind of thing. It draws a parallel between the other entertainment media and video games.

DonCorneo3101d ago

same reason why there are no cuss words in sesame street.


-GametimeUK-3101d ago

I wouldnt actually care if a game came out where you played as full blown terrorists... Truth be told if the game was good I would buy it...

-Alpha3101d ago

As a gamer I entirely agree that video games are made the scapegoat for political prestige.

However you guys have to understand that there is a difference in portraying something in a video game which is a physical means of interaction compared to watching a movie, or reading a book. I'm trying to be fair to both sides, so the way I see it:

First of all, it's harder to get access to movies that are rated R than it is to partake in a video game. You also don't interact in a movie as much as you do in a game. And who the hell reads a respectable book featuring blood, violence, etc. when your a kid?

I can somewhat see why the media doesn't do the same with books and movies, but really, if a kid is going to get influenced by a video game, it's his own damn fault or his parents. Because if a kid does something harmful because he saw it in a video game then I sure as hell am sure he shouldn't be playing that specific game to begin with.

Again, we all know how ridiculous the accusations are, and though we all have our gaming bias we also have rational reason to see how silly the video game bashing is.

It's funny that many people here are divided by their console allegiance, but when general gaming is attacked you guys all somehow manage to get a long rationally.

-GametimeUK-3101d ago

When we are attacked as a community we have to forget about the fact that the PS3 sucks and unite to deal with the greater threat for the good of the industry

XsteveJ3101d ago

Go back to your bridge troll, nobody wants you here.



War crimes SHOULD be disallowed in games,a "war crime" isn't a trivial matter of press 'X' or read paragraph '2' or watch at '8' and witness a true failure of man.
Education takes many forms yet casual detachment shouldn't be one of them.WE LEAD BY EXAMPLE,let our example be sound.
It's only a game and we are only human.......

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