Xbox Live has 2 Million Facebook Users Login

Microsoft just revealed that over two million Xbox 360 owners have logged into Facebook via their 360.

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Sunny_D3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Wow, so much for Facebook being a killer app :/ Well, that was pointless considering there's 18 to 20 million live users? I'm pretty sure a good portion of the 2 million just logged in to see what it's all about and never used it again.

MattyF3187d ago

Hasn't been a week. I'd say that's a solid start.

Saaking3186d ago

I logged in, checked it out, logged out and haven't been in there since. It's pretty useless.

3186d ago
-Alpha3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Kinda like Playstation Home don't you think?

It's best to keep your words soft and sweet, else you'll have trouble chewing it ;)

There is no need to be so negative-- 2 million is a great number for a feature that is amazingly well integrated on the 360. I couldn't believe how natural Facebook looked integrated on the 360. This is good for those who are active Facebook users I suppose, but for some reason your here to rain on the parade :(

Anon19743186d ago

I have nothing I'm playing on my 360 right now so I haven't bothered to download this update yet. Quite frankly, I use my PC for Facebook. Don't really see the point in using my keyboard-less console for it.
I suppose it's a cool little novelty for some. I felt the same about Home. Created a dude, checked it out, then went back to the reason I own my console, playing games.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3186d ago

I'm one of those users who logged on it just to see what it's about... and I've never started the app since.

DelbertGrady3186d ago

lol @ Saaking and darkride66 for trying to downplay it by stealth trolling. You guys are so insecure it's funny. I agree though, Facebook is pretty useless when you have no friends.

mikeslemonade3186d ago

I use just to see people who are on Facebook that have xbl gold. But to use it like I would do on the PC the program isn't seamless or dynamic enough.

lh_swe3186d ago

How's that stealth trolling?

They are very legit complaints. In effect they are nothing but novelties that don't add anything major to console value.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

So you guys are saying I'm lying? You're saying I use it every day? You're watching me with cameras and observing my every move 24/7?

I have a 360 and play games on it EVERY day but the FaceBook app is useless to me. If I want to use FaceBook, I'll flip the channel to my PS3 or go to my PC and get the FULL experience. You can't play a game while you use the 360 FaceBook app, so you might as well get the full FaceBook experience via your PS3's web browser or get on your PC.

AAACE53186d ago

They can keep the Facebook thing and Twitter! I barely go to it on my PC or Blackberry, and I really don't want to broadcast that I am a gamer to the world like that... Then I would have to face the stereotypes that go along with it, and i'm sure alot of other people might feel the same way.

Now was worthwhile!

Anon19743186d ago

So stating your opinion is "stealth trolling" now, is it?
As a gamer, I couldn't care less about Facebook on my consoles. I have facebook on my PC - and a keyboard to use it! Why would I mess around with it on my console? I use my console to game, to go on facebook or twitter.
I've never logged into Facebook on my PS3 browser. I haven't turned on any of the Facebook features on my PS3. I'm not going to bother with the Facebook features on my 360 either.
I hardly think stating one's opinion and "stealth trolling" are in the same category. Seriously, do you check under your bed at night for phantom PS3 fans?

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ReBurn3187d ago

Millions of people log into Facebook from myriad devices every day. Not sure why this is newsworthy.

The_Firestarter3186d ago

I guess this shows the amount of support for Facebook on Live. As long as people will be using this, that all that really matters.

rhood0223187d ago

Could it be that the 2 million who logged on did so out of curiosity?
I mean, when I updated I logged on to see what it was like. I haven't used it since. I'd imagine there are a few thousand others that did the same.

The real sign of it's success is long-term numbers, not the immediate surge.

Theoneneo813186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

next article 2 million bots sneezed at once. lol who cares

PeptoBismol3186d ago

they tend to fart more than they sneeze

Lou Ferrigno3186d ago

word has it they even inhale all of their own farts too .

4point7BillionLoss3186d ago

unlike the PS3 version which is compeltely pointless ... or the browser PS3 version which is even more pointless ..

droids ... are pointless.

Play behind !!!!

avengers19783186d ago

Yes it's funny how sony knows that not everyone is going to be into this and puts it hidden the the browser, but hey Facebook Fans you do relize that corporations use facebook for marketing and advertising, most the accounts on facebook are complete crap, totally made up people that are only there for corprate america. You don't have thousands and thousands of friends(a friend is someone you actually know, and would help you out if you needed. the people you communicate with on social networks are not your friends). Does facebook working better on the 360 make up for it's failure rate, or the lack of quality games,(recently), or that they are quickly dropping to third in console sales, No it Does not

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