Where is Link's Family in the Legend of Zelda Series?

Throughout the Legend of Zelda series us gamers have never had the pleasure of getting to know much about Link's back story. On some occasions we will find out Link's job and or hobbies. But outside of the obvious details are kept scarce.

What is even more weird is the fact that Nintendo keeps hush hush about Link's family. But why could this be?

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Gandalf3075d ago

He's the son of Peter Pan and Wendy, but they're really bad parents since they never wanted to grow up and left Link all alone.

LegendZelda3075d ago

I think peter pan would have made a good mother too

Ninji3075d ago

They will wait until the right time to announce that Ganon is Link's dad & Zelda is Link's mom.

ChickeyCantor3075d ago

Usually link grows up alone....with friends who he considers family or something ? XD

The curse of courage.

hatchimatchi3075d ago

When i was younger my friend had the Zelda nintendo comics. They were so cool (this was like 20 years ago). I remember in the comics they talked about links uncle and whatnot. You can probably find scans of them somewhere on the internet. I don't consider the comics to be in the same canon as the games though, same goes for the animated series.


I need to find a link, it was on last year. They were talking about new characters in SSBB and they had photoshopped links uncle into pictures of the game. It's hilarious. I'll post the full link when i get back from work.