Gamespot: Ninja Blade Review

Kevin VanOrd writes:

"Even if the amount of content here doesn't rival what you can find in the best action games, Ninja Blade still delivers plenty of boisterous entertainment. This is derivate fun, delivered with panache and a touch of lunacy. While it suffers from a few too many technical flaws, Ninja Blade is still a blast to play."

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cmacdonald3074d ago

About time we got a first review on this game.

Saaking3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Ninja blade? Didn't it come like a long time ago. The 360's "God of War killer?" LMAO. Looks like the PC version didn't do too well either.

-Alpha3074d ago

Er, I don't remember too many people calling Ninja Blade a GoW killer, unless you can direct me to some sources.

Even still, how do you kill a God of War XD?

Bnet3433074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Yeah, never heard of Ninja Blade being a God of War killer either.

xabmol3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )


ReservoirDog3163074d ago

Ask Kratos.

I think if you survive the encounter, you'll find out.

rucky3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Yup, this goes to prove how some stupid comments can't be undone.

Marceles3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

lol yeah I remember that...funny times, I even commented

-Alpha3074d ago

And you people took HHG SERIOUSLY!?

Come on now, we all know to think opposite of what HHG says.

Marceles3074d ago

No one did, read the comments lol. And this is almost a year ago, see how much has changed? /end sarcasm

Elvfam5113074d ago

What do you mean you people?

kaveti66163074d ago

Well, it's not fair that if HHG calls Ninja Blade a GOW killer, the PS3 fanboys are gonna act like the 360 fanboys said it. That's just not fair.

-Alpha3074d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking.

Whether it was intentional or not SaaKing needs to watch what he says because that is slanderous.

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Saaking3074d ago

LMAO, just like most if not all the games on the 360 is year, this game flopped.

shocky163073d ago

You know funnily enough, all consoles have struggled this year with big "AAA" exclusives, i'll admit PS3 has had the strongest year with a whopping TWO AAA exclusives according to our the unbiased source of Gamerankings, while 360 has had 1 and Wii 0.

Yeah bad year all around it seems.

Oh well, MW2 + Dragon Age: Origins > anything else this year games wise.

Elven63073d ago

lol I find it funny that you turn around in the Gamer Zone and ask "why do I lose so many bubbles, why do people call me a fanboy? why so many disagrees", etc.

Digitaldude3074d ago

This games old, why is the review coming now?

ReservoirDog3163074d ago

I think it's cause it came out on the pc.

TheIneffableBob3074d ago

PC review. Try reading the review before you comment next time.

Blaze9293074d ago

This is N4G - it's all about commenting before reading.

Digitaldude3073d ago

Err yeah thats why i put a question mark at the end, was asking a question.

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Sarcasm3073d ago

Ninja Blade

They might as well should have called it "Ninja Game that looks like Ninja Gaiden"


ya, but that would be insulting NG way to much.

NB was an awful game. I would not say I defended the game, but I was one of the people who was willing to give the game a chance based of the demo and the fact that from software gave us Otogi.

The problem with the game was that it was nothing else other then the demo just repeated over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.... till the game ended.

personally as a big NG fan I thought NG2 was a bit of a let down, but NB was just a really really really bad game. There are way better games to play.

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