Naughty Dog Addresses Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Complaints

Since the last game update, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves players have been encountering some new game rules. Unlike when the game first launched, if you quit a multiplayer match during the game, you are now deducted 40,000 dollars. Of course, you are forgiven the first time you commit act, but every following act you will be punished.

Many gamers are now complaining about this action Naughty Dog added to the game because it punishes those who feel they have done no wrong.

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ReBurn3162d ago

It is frustrating when people quit because they're losing, so I'm ok with action being taken. It sucks if your connection drops, but I'd say that's probably a very small percentage of cases.

MattyF3162d ago

Likely the case. If your connection drops you that often, then online gaming shouldn't be done by you or you shouldn't take it too seriously if you have serious connection issues.

presto7173162d ago

jeez. it was just me and one other guy. totally ruined the fun. round 10 was just overwhelming.

I would also hate it if members of the other team quit just cuz they were losing. Just like in tekken. Do you know how much it sucks to have an opponent quit just as you are about to clench a hard earned victory?

I stand by Naughty Dog on this one. Punish quitters.

Saaking3162d ago

I despise quitters. If you don't have the time, don't play the game (play SP or something). If you're just gonna quit when loosing don't even bother playing in the first place.

MVGeneral3162d ago

@ presto717 that's weird beceause when i play coop and somone quits the whole game is ruined, and no points are earned. they need to fix that. Also the stupid ice cave glitch needs a fixing. Team killers need to be penalized more.

PS3PCFTW3161d ago

let the noobs play with the noobs.

and let the people that have no lives and sit on the couch all day playing MP games, play against themselves.

then we have the cheaters and hackers who exploit game code. they should be only allowed to play against themselves as well.

i dont mean just uncharted, every game should do this.

Traveler3161d ago

I never leave a match, but sometimes I get disconnected due to my poor wireless connection. That happens rarely, though, and I am glad that Naughty Dog have created a penalty for quitting a game.

Best damn game I have ever played, by the way.

Darkstorn3161d ago

Uncharted 2 is a blockbuster game. It's been marketed as a must-have game for the PS3 and that means that some casual gamers are going to be online. They aren't as concerned as you or I with the long-term consequences of their quitting, and as a result can ruin the game for others, but it's the price you pay for playing a popular game. It happens with every big release.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

I HATE when I'm new to an online game and I'm a really low rank, like level 5, but I get matched up with level 40s who know the maps and have all the good unlocks!

Sometimes, when I'm getting my ass kicked and my score is 5-14 because I'm playing against super high levels, I quit a match because it's zero fun. I'm good a U2 so this punishment isn't an issue for me but I know how a lot of the quitters feel.

Sure, you could say "Take it like a man" but people play online games for FUN and if they're not having fun, I think they absolutely have the right to quit without punishment. You could also say "They made a commitment to play when they joined the match" but again, they joined solely for the purpose of their OWN entertainment and if they themselves are not being entertained, they should be allowed to go somewhere else where they will be.

That being said, I fvcking hate when people quit but I don't blame them.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

I really liked Uncharted 2's single player campaign, but its multiplayer felt mediocre and tacked on just for the sake of it.

It's much easier to create a great single player experience than a great multiplayer one, and games like this point that fact out.

kalebgray923161d ago

i always lagged out lost ranking and i stopped playing it for a while but then i got good internet and started again.... but its frustrating when its not your fault

mal_tez923161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

For example, I have my co-o difficulty set to Hard, so when the matchmaking screws up and puts me in an Easy game, I should be allowed to quit, but I can't.

A similar annoying issue is that Call of Duty's matchmaking is so bad that 95% of the time I'm put in a laggy, unplayable game; quitting which counts as a loss.

poopface13161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

as it is now there is really nothing making people care when they blow away their team. The team doesnt loose points nor does the team killer. It just punishes the one killed by their teammate by giving them a death.

I like the punishing quiters as it sucks to have most of the other team quit and the games will go on soooo slowly. It sucks to have people on your team quit too, but sometimes I wish the noobs on my team would quit. There have been quite a few times I wish I had a mic to tell some of my team members to quit cause they were horrible and our team would win without them.

I only play team deathmatch so these things can be pretty annoying because you always have to worry about having a crappy team.

Id like to see a free-for-all mode as I bet Id be good at that. Id like to see a mode where its just up to you and you arnt helped or hurt by your team.

Also it seems to not just fail at balancing the overall ranks of the teams, but alot of the time it seems to make the teams really unbalanced. And I know there are parties sometimes but it happens alot when everyone is alone too.

And most here wont think I play the game much but im level 40 with 140 wins and 86 losses so I know a little about the game. I only play team deathmatch but would love to see a FFA mode. The ND stats page tells me Iv played for 35 hours. I dont know if taht includes SP or maybe the demo too but if not I played alot before getting busy with borderlands and AC2. Gonna start playing this again soon I have a feeling.

Also I feel for the people who need to quit alot but most people dont need to quit THAT often. 40K isnt that much if you dont have to quit often. But instead of quitting just go AFC and let your guy sit there. Your team wont be too happy but you wont loose 40k. Half of the people who play U2 online would probably help their team by going AFC rather than try and play anyways(get fewer deaths). And if you do quit often, for whatever reason, you should be the one punished. If its really that bad then you shouldnt play online. We cant just ignore the fact that most of the people quit because they are loosing, not because something urgent came up.

Below alpha male-
The higher ranks beat you because they have more play time and are better not because of the boosters. Im level 40 and use fleet foot and down the irons. Both are unlocked early, so I know its not the boosters taht give me an advantage over the lower levels, its my experience.

you say "It's a simple violation of a simple gaming mechanic: punishing players when they deserve to be rewarded. " I dont see how you can think taht quitters should be rewarded. If you gotta quit take it like a man, or just go AFC so you dont loose 40k. If you quit that often then you shouldnt play online.

I dont see how people can complain about loosing xp when they quit. Especially considering you always get money as long as you dont quit. Going 2 and 20 still gets you more money than you started with.

So the only way to loose money is to quit and people still complain about it. I have a feeling they are already accustomed to quitting.

SaberEdge3161d ago


I don't agree at all. Uncharted 2 has one of the most fun multiplayer modes of any game. This was recently brought home to me when I went back to playing Gears of War 2....and wow, Gears 2 sucks in comparison. It is so slow and clunky and just isn't as dynamic and fun as Uncharted 2's multiplayer. Uncharted 2 is a great all around game and is a very nice feather in the PS3's hat.

vhero3161d ago

They should just double your score for finishing or something or giving you a nice fat bonus instead of punishing like modern warfare(one of the few things it does right). The only problem with 40k is it takes exp too. You can actually de-level it happened to a mate of mine when he had net problems it does happen.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3161d ago

"Uncharted 2 is a great all around game and is a very nice feather in the PS3's hat."

redsquad3161d ago

On the other hand- I look after my disabled Dad. If I start playing online then he wants something doing, I HAVE to quit. Obvioulsy I'm in a minority, but it still feels like I'm being spanked for stealing cookies that I didn't take.

Qui-Gon Jim3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Nothing upsets me more in a game than when one or two people on my team quit, and we just get slaughtered because we're outgunned. It takes the fun out of it. When someone quits, it punishes me. If you are not in a spot where you can have a dedicated 10 minutes, you shouldn't play online.

I have small kids, so i only get to play after their bed time, and since my wife works early most mornings, i usually have to get the kids if they wake up, so I only play single-player games unless i have someone to cover my other responsibilities. Would i like to play UC2 online more? Sure, but I have to work gaming in around my life, and I don't want to take away form others' experience, so I only play online when i know i can dedicate the time to it.

I have responsibilities in my life, but I also feel that I have a responsibility to my teammates, so i only allow myself the luxury of online play when i can be fulfilling BOTH of those responsibilities.

marcus j3161d ago


Confused3161d ago

Master chef? You mean Lloyd Grossman?

PrimordialSoupBase3161d ago

Most people's lives don't revolve around a video game, if I have to go I'll quit out without reservation and if it means losing that much "money" (aka experience) count me out on ever playing it.

ABizzel13161d ago

$40K is kind of harsh, but I agree people should be punished for leaving games. I think $25K would be better (I just like multiples of 5).

Leaving a multiplayer match, puts your team at a disadvantage, but it doesn't ruin the game, because I've won against a full team with me and 1 other person (he had 25 kills I had 21, final score 50 - 32). So $25K should come from leaving multiplayer games.

While $50K should come from leaving co-op it's hard enough trying to set up a game, and when you leave the game is disconnected or your stuck with overwhelming odds.

orange-skittle3161d ago

That's because you are playing Modern Warfare 2 on PS3. You do know that there has been several patches to fix the online issues of this game on the PS3 and not the 360? I also hated the Uncharted 2 MP. It seemed like an afterthought instead of a planned project. Not a lot of Co-Op options and the death matches are atrocious. Basic survival:

Run for Grenade Launcher, if you fail to obtain...shoot AK47(standard) as you run to your enemy and melee. A couple of bullets and a melee hit=instant death. That's the formula. If all else fails drop a grenade if you're overwhelmed

Sub4Dis3161d ago

sort of...

people should definitely be punished for repeat actions. but in the player's defense...the matchmaking is terrible. not only will it put rank 1s in with people beyond 50, but it will often stack the teams leaving many of the lowbies on one side and the highbies on the other. additionally...i've had a few instances (nowhere near as many as with MW2) where my friend and i will join a game from our party, still be able to hear eachother, but be in different matches.

i understand errors happen, but when they do, the people in charge of the servers should be responsible, not the gamer. UC2 is actually a pretty fun online game...just needs to work out a few more kinks.

nnotdead3161d ago

having a kid i know a thing or two about quitting. i hate doing it but sometimes i just have to. im not totally against the punishment cuz i can remember a time when i had all day and night to play, and quitters where really annoying then. i just think they should try to encourage clans more. less likly someone will quite on there clan mates.

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NateNater3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

Naughty Dog is not being fair. If I quit I don't think I should be penalized for my actions. Suppose I quit because I have to be somewhere else and the match didn't end on time. Then I lose 40,000 in-game dollars when its not my fault. Please ND, remove or change this feature in multiplayer.

DrWan3162d ago

and clearly dont' have time to play, then dont play. otherwise, delay ur trip for that extra 10 minutes..

NateNater3162d ago (Edited 3162d ago )

Well sometimes you can't help it and you just want to play for a few minutes before you go somewhere but you can't delay your trip. You know what I'm talking about?

I mean we are talking about Uncharted here :p

Shotgun_Roamer3162d ago

is the line between a happy marriage and a divorce. Good luck explaining it was for dodging a U2 multiplayer penalty.

cyclindk3162d ago

You don't have to quit, just leave your character where he/she is and let the others play (maybe even let them know you have to leave via the mic and they'll understand - so they don't waste time reviving you).

Also, ND could simply implement a mode that has no money on the line so people who want to quit can play there, while the other mode is for whoever is serious and penalties for quitting are in effect.

hulk_bash19873162d ago

Early quitting is a prevalent issue I've encountered with Uncharted 2. And its usually the case that the people who are losing or doing poorly are the ones quitting. So I say keep the deduction system as is because that was one aspect that was ruining the experience in my opinion.

MVGeneral3162d ago

If your emergency was really that important, than 40 ,000 is not much. and when you quit, you either unbalance the game or disconnect everone from a coop game. so you should be penalised.

weazel3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago ) shotgun roamer mentioned, despite best laid plans, my 18moth old daughter waking up crying is good enough justification for me to drop everything and check she's ok. It doesnt happen often, but occasionally it does. (Serious stat crunchers shouldn't get stressed - whenever i've had to drop i've always been at least 4 kills to deaths up.)
On the other hand, if i'm in a sh**ty team, then I feel obliged to head down and fight the odds, even if I know from the loading page that we're up against 5 lvl 50 gimps in a mic'd up team. You should just take the rough with the smooth, and that includes grinding through those loss heavy matches.

edit: time penalty suggested below seems fair though.

redsquad3161d ago

Yes, I'll force my Dad to hold off going to the toilet because I've got to finish a game - Yes I'll let him shiver in the cold because I can't turn the fire up just yet.

Better yet, I won't bother playing online anymore, just in case...

Redempteur3161d ago

oh that's stupid ...

don't play if you don't have time to play ... a connexion failure shouldn't happen THAT OFTEN if you're gaming online in order climb the ranks ..

if you're playing with friends ( like i am , i don't care about the rankings ) then 40,000 isn't even an issue .
People should learn to check their connexion before going into the competition and YES this should prevent any " i disconnect while i'm losing " least some people should think about it more .

The simple fact that even before that ...if you quit , you wouldn't get any money from your game WAS ENOUGH for me to think about it

bjornbear3161d ago

just leave the game on and go, don't quit. its bad to leave the PS3 on but at least you loose no points

Qui-Gon Jim3161d ago

The game automatically puts you back into matchmaking when a game ends, so you won't just be sitting idle for that game, but for multiple games until you come back and exit. Besides, that would just be avoiding the penalty, you're still screwing your team over.

bjornbear3161d ago

agree'd, but i can't think of anything else =/

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whothedog3162d ago

I can see both sides, I say if you quit, you can't start another game till that one ends, lose any points you gained that match, and have to eat bull testicles.

DrWan3162d ago

If u r playing a game, and if u quit prematurely, u cannot start another game until ur original one is over.

bjornbear3161d ago

...bull testicles is a very high quality dish in spain =P

B-Grizzle3162d ago

I can no longer get into playing online. It is far too frustrating. I basically just play to pass time and have stopped trying to be advance in rank at all. I should be up to about level 30 i would guess. But every time i get up to above level 14 my crappy college internet connection cuts out. Right now i am currently at level 9, due to 3 consecutive dropped connections. Its just not fun any more. I would be fine with the money, maybe around like 20 instead of 40 but get rid of the stupid level drop. I have never quit a match in uncharted for any reason. I hate when gamers get punished, because of quitters and cheaters.

Infernostew3162d ago

Want some cheese with that whine? Be happy you can get your system online at school. I know so many people who would be happy to have a crappy connection that drops out every now and than at their school.

xabmol3162d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

people with a sh*tty connection try to play a competitive online game. Drags down everyone else's experience. Including mine. Damn laggers.

I wish there was a separate server just for people with good connections for every game so that people who actually have a decent connection can play a decent game. Damn red bars, tell your ISP to git gud or GTFO. >.<

mastiffchild3161d ago

Xabmol-What am I meant to do? I can ONLY get 8meg where I live and only two providers will even say they'll do that! Til two years ago I had to suffer 2meg and it wasn't possible or fair to game with people at all under those dark and slow days. Because not everyone lives near a decent exchange which allows a faster connection you can't say what you did so easily. I average about 5.6meg on a good day but with a P2P game it totally depends on where the other players are-that's what affects your ping in my experience. If they're just down the road I'm OK but if a US gamer's hosting I'm screwed sometimes even if my connection makes out I'm fine-I duppose the total lack of a unified internet system being provided in the Uk is to blame but if you, like me, live somewhere where fast connections just aren't available what do you do?

As I say mostly I'm fine but when it's a faraway host I struggle sometimes-what would you do? I don't think it's fair to ask people in this situation to give up and wait the estimated five years(in my case) before anything much faster arrives! Of course a massive choice of dedicated servers for every big online release would help a lot of people with this kind of thing-choosing the best one for you would also be a help(either way) if all games gave you enough info to do it. U2, for instance nuggers me up a lot as it looks as the game's about to start like my connection is great but then it drops just as we're starting and I'm screwed-or if a host migrates it can be even mire drastic. I don't mind being punished for quitting, even when it's unavoidable and not my fault though as quitting when you're just losing is daft and gutless. How do you expect to get better if you don't take a beating off better players fromtime to time anyway. I rememver being with a loadof 3s and 4s one night and we got matched against some really high ranked guys playing as a proper team, all talking to each other and all very skilful guys too. One by one the plaayers on my side dropped out til there wsa only me left and after they finally reached the score and finished me and the game off they gave me a round of applause for sticking at it and not robbing them of their XP abnd cash-they reckoned loads of people had been doing the sam,e as my team to them all night so it IS a big problem and because it annoys me I never do it willingly mysel;f.

Internet connections, though, just aren't always that stable even if your connection is usually 50meg and faultless it can always drop for reasons you'll never find out so what can ND really do about telling who's doing what?

B-Grizzle3161d ago

I have great connection speed. It is the service that sucks. When it works, it works great. It is hard to explain but the internet connection just randomly drops. For no reason, and it happens alot. Just do not ever get ""

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DonCorneo3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

especially in co-op.

ND's idea is brilliant as the penalty is a good deterrent

but i would habe preferred late-join instead

ZBlacktt3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Awh, it's not just the quitting that is the issue here. Go read the blog and you will see ME there. The issue is the game itself and Internet connection issues that happen randomly. The game freezes at times in mid game and you have to reboot the console. The game monitors your playing. If it picks up that you did not finish the game. It notes it, if it picks it up again you get hit for the 40k. So like in my case, if I leave a game because I do not want to play it and I leave at the VERY start of it. That shows I quit. So any time after, if the game freezes or the signal just drops and the game ends for everyone. Then you get hit for 40k of no fault of your own. The problem here is ND is absolutely clueless on keeping gamers interested.

You are forced to play games in Co-Op's by them only giving you two choices at a time. Then other random player's pick and you can't control that. So ever play Co-Op's objectives? Be a high level great player and be STUCK playing a game with low level player's with the game set on EASY? Yet can't leave because of the 40k hit? Happens ALL the time and it's such a waste of time being a high ranked player. As I said, if I leave a game with team killers in it who are just ruining my stats and it's my very first leave. I get the 30 second penalty for doing so. But in the few hours more that I play. ANY issue happens with the game itself ( freeze, interenet drops ,etc ) YOU take the hit on that. In every game I play in. I am in first place most always. So why would I quit? The logs would show this to ND too. So yeah, let them think this is no problem here. This is why the user base went from 12,000 down to 6000 and avgs now a 3900 player's.

Ever get stuck in a game with team killers who throw nades at you, shoot you with nade guns, rpg's? Yet can't leave due to the 40k hit? Or players that just stop playing altogether and you are stuck there not knowing what to do because of the 40k hit if you leave? See, the game has many issues they seem to have be highly over looked there at ND. Trust me when I say I have 150 hours of playing time, level 51, over 7.2 million in earnings, over 36,000 kills, 740 deaths ( mostly team killers ) and know every issue the game has. I have been hit 4 times for the $160,000 points and I have never once left a game knowing I would loose the $40k. Not once.