Gametrailers: Little Big Planet PSP Video Review

"Big ambition from a little system--Can Sackboy blast off to success on the PSP?"

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Narutone663105d ago

I wish they would stop comparing it to the PS3 version.

Saaking3105d ago

I really don't know why they do that. ANYONE with some common sense will know a portable game can't possible match a console game. Especially when that console is the PS3.

PS3PCFTW3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

they did the same with gow and gran turismo.

its basically the american media bias against a foreign consoles offerings

kinda how they dont compare 360 exclusives to ps3 exclusives. simply put, the ps3 titles make the 360 titles look like n64 games.

but sure lets compare this psp game to a ps3 game. then while were at it lets compare ps3 games to pc games. o.0

Xbox Avatars Shoe3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

The reason they're comparing it to the PS3 version, is because IT'S THE SEQUEL TO THE PS3 VERSION! Even if a sequel is on another platform, it's should still be compared to the previous title.

Also, say what you want about GameTrailers, but I enjoy watching their reviews. They're put together very well and have a nice pace, even when their score is whack.

Domenikos3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

I disagree,

Thats not fair, theres no point of comparison, ill put it simple...
LBP PS3 size...
LBP PSP size...

Xbox Avatars Shoe3105d ago

I disagree,

It is fair, theres a point of comparison, ill put it simple...
LBP PS3 game...
LBP PSP is a sequel to the PS3 game...

Sequels should, and always will, be compared to their predecessor.

cliffbo3105d ago

anyone agreeing with this stupid idea of comparing it to the PS3 version should have their heads examining! did they mark Zelda down on the DS because it wasn't as good as the Wii version? ... NO

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1Excelsior3105d ago

so they wont compare ps3 exclusives to 360 exclusives but they have no beef comparing a console game to a portable game?

dirthurts3105d ago

As much as point out the differences. This is a good thing considering most people who enjoyed the first will be looking for the same on the PSP.

krauler3105d ago

verb [ trans. ]
1 estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between :

bjornbear3105d ago

met gracefully =) Sony did it again =D