10° Community Blogs: What I Really Want from the PS3

Pat writes: "Sony is doing this whole "It only does everything' campaign while working on PSN unison across the board with all Sony products.

I feel that Sony is leaving out something VERY important though. With Facebook integration (and even without it) the PS3 and PSN is kinda like a social network. With status updates, trophies, comments, and more there's a lot going on. But I can't help to feel like there's a huge chunk missing."

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swiftshot933189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Cross game invites and the ability to join sessions (a la MW2) makes it really easy to connect with friends. And of course Cross game chat does too.

The most important thing though (IMO) is the friends list. Anytime I turn on my 360 or PS3, I check to see what other people are doing. Whether its watching a movie, playing online, should be specific. So yeah I agree you should be signed on no matter what. Also we really need decent avatars, the ones there now are a joke.
Also it should really say your trophy level beside your name, how difficult can that be?

Id be very happy if sony brought these features, not some half-a$$ed facebook integration that makes MS' look amazing...

MakaiOokamiGames3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

I never have problems connecting with friends on my list unless there are regional issues. To me Cross game invites somewhat simplify it, but are really negligible. I was getting Buzz Quiz World invites and would use the Cross Game Invite system but it wasn't until I was logged into the Buzz Quiz servers that we found out I couldn't join the session because of different regions.

Now region separation is important for the game because there's no way I would know ANY pop culture reference from an Australian and I don't see why any Australian would know that many U.S. Pop culture references except for some of the world wide sensational ones like Michael Jackson and others.

Avatars aren't too big a deal, and they're doing paid avatars as well. I personally like my Buzz Avatar but I wouldn't mind paying 1-2 dollars for a really cool Disgaea one or a really great Devil May Cry Dante one.

The facebook features aren't half-arsed. they are merely just the start of further integration coming down the line. I'd rather have the facebook features provided by Sony than have to pay for a subscription in order to use the 360 features. I would rather have just the basic features Sony provided and access facebook on the PC which is no more than 2 feet away from my HD t.v. Plus i use my HD T.V. as an desktop extended monitor anyway. So honestly what you consider crappy features, I consider as the only features I REALLY needed.

I'm fine with checking my facebook while watching a cinematic. I'm glad I can auto update my facebook with my purchases. I just happened to know how to set things up the way I want them and how to make full use of the features provided by Sony.

Results will vary, but I disagree that these are half arsed features.

By the way, for reference, that's my article above and clicking on it takes you to my "theplaystationshow" blog.

Jerk1203189d ago


I've already given up on it.

I realized that it's incapable of offering me what the 360 does and thus is not worth having around.

jerethdagryphon3188d ago

what do i want from sony in evolution of ps3/psn

charging in standby, and maybe just maybe a reworking of continuous play so it cant be abused