Game Revolution: LEGO Rock Band Review

Game Revolution writes: "Lego Rock Band does not come bundled with peripherals; the makers assume the target audience already has a previous Rock Band title (or compatible Guitar Hero title), including a guitar or two, a microphone, and a drum set. Using a similar assumption, this review will not go into the basic mechanics of gameplay, for Lego Rock Band is like any Rock Band: play the notes or sing the words on time."

+ Super cute
+ Plays like the original
+ Almost no learning curve
+ Diverse mix of songs
- No online play
- Limited downloadable content
- Patronizing accessibility features

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xGet_In_There3192d ago

I saw some videos online of the charts and this looks fun. Just wondering if you can import the songs so I can just have RB2 disc in? Regardless I may pick this up.

sa_nick3192d ago

Yeah, you can export all the lego songs to your HDD and play them in RB2 but it costs $10 to buy the transfer lisense.