Nintendo wouldn't hire me today - Miyamoto

Shigeru Miyamoto believes that Nintendo would not employ him today if he applied for a position with his original qualifications.

Speaking to Edge magazine, Miyamoto said: "Nintendo has become one of those companies that graduates from colleges and good universities really want to work for."

"Because of that, the competition's really become so fierce for positions. And that means that a lot of the recent recruits for Nintendo have tended to have the higher degree from the prestigious colleges and universities and whatnot."

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LostDjinn3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

Nintendo wouldn't be what it is today if it weren't for you. Your creativity is one thing the new breed don't necessarily come equipped with. (Why the hell am I writing this as though I were talking to him?)

Blaster_Master3158d ago

Yeah, Imagine if Nintendo in the 80's only hired people with degree's and not just a passion for video games in general. Gaming would suck back then the way it does now. Now its all about who knows who and what school you graduated from. What about a guy who had to get a GED? LOL! Thats why its always luck of the card with every game that comes out. Quality in story line, character development, and just plain fun is what lacks in todays most games.

Most devs now act like they are so good at what they do, Cliffy and Gabe come to mind. Then there's devs that were good that turned soft, Hideo really hasn't impressed me this gen. Its just a luck of the draw because so many hands touch the game before its released that its just tampered with, abused even. Its not as good as the single minded visions of the old school games. Nostalgic in video games is just gonna be rehashes of sequels and movies forever. Its scary if you think about it.

SpoonyRedMage3158d ago

That's exactly the issue though isn't it? It applies to pretty much all of society now, qualifications are more important than ideas it seems.

Nihilism3158d ago

I agree, nintendo owes a lot more to him than they acknowledge, it's sad that after all his contribution to them and gaming in general, he feels this way. Maybe he should move on to greener pastures where he's calling all the design shots, without nintendo reeling him in for the sake of a quick $

SpoonyRedMage3158d ago

What you on about!? Everyone at Nintendo speaks very, very highly of him! and he does call the design shots, he's not known for flipping tables and kidnapping employees for nothing!

In fact the only way Nintendo restrict him is telling him not to talk about his hobbies because people might steal his ideas.

Saaking3158d ago

Miyamoto made some of the greatest games ever. It's sad to know that perhaps someone with his creativity is out there, struggling to find a job.

Nihilism3158d ago

The CEO of nintendo has come out a few times and criticised miyamoto, suggesting that it was nintendo that created all of those games, and that his input was not that significant. They are douches to him.

SpoonyRedMage3158d ago

Really, I've never seen this, the only example I can think of is Iwata saying that Miyamoto is not God which a lot of people got offended about...

Other than that they all sing the praises about him and they always give him credit, even for little things like SD card support for the DSi.

... and all he's talking about here is that it's very competitive when applying to work at Nintendo and he's underqualified.

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meetajhu3158d ago

What a great man! I've never owned any Nintendo Console in my life. But admire this person! Pixar of Video game industry!

OpenGL3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

Say what you want about Nintendo's most recent games and hardware, but Miyamoto produced some of the most brilliant products the industry has ever seen. You cannot give this man enough credit for his achievements, and for pushing the industry forward.

HowarthsNJ3158d ago

A college degree is no guarantee of skill or creativity. Many graduates are flipping burgers and living with their parents these days.

Grandreaper99993158d ago

The fact that colleges and universities are the ones producing people for the games industry is the first problem. It's no different than anyone else getting a degree in anything these days. It always makes me happy when I see someone getting ahead that learned everything on their own, skills they developed by themselves.

MajesticBeast3158d ago

Great man inspired alot of people in the industry even though Nintendo has been negcleting their core fanbase his games are still some of the best just start making some new ips already its Mario metroid and zelda everytime i would buy a wii if it had more to offer then those 3 games and all the shovelware.

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