G4TV: Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines Review

Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines is a valiant attempt to bring the Assassin's Creed franchise to a portable system, but there are just too many compromises made for the game to appeal to anyone beyond the most hardcore AC fans. While the free-running is intact, the worlds you explore are chopped up into tiny pieces with frequent loading as you travel between zones. Combined with a so-so story, redundant mission types and often troublesome controls, Bloodlines is much easier to appreciate in concept than in execution.

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theEnemy3075d ago

Bah I'm gonna play this anyway..

I want the bonus weapons for ACII :D

-GametimeUK-3075d ago

I hope you can find some enjoyment in this game... On the bright side UC2 ended up being a significant step up in comparison to AC1 :D

Christopher3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

I got the AC white PSP bundle because I prefer white over black. The white PSP has that glittery design to it, which really sucks. The PSP itself is just as solid as the others, but they could have delivered on a white product closer to what I have with my DSLite and iPhone.

The game is horrific when it comes to camera control and there are a ton of bugs when falling through objects. For a game about free flowing movement, it really fails in that regard by forcing you to press one of the shoulder buttons and then one of the action buttons in order to move the camera (each action button controls one of the four directions you can move the camera). Why they didn't just program the camera to be an over the shoulder following one is beyond me, but it really breaks the fun and at many times functionality of the game.

Combat is also pretty mindless. From the get-go you can destroy guys with counters similar to how combat ended up being at the end of AC on the 360/PS3.

I've also had a lot of issues with falling through objects. In the first city area, there's a gold coin on a rock and you have to use a raft boat to at least get off of the rock (you can get onto it from a ship that looms over it). Three times in a row I ended up falling through the boat and finally made it on the final try using the exact same tactic as the previous attempts.

So, if you want a sparkly white PSP, perhaps you can use it to show your love of Edward from Twilight *shudders*, then get the PSP bundle. I do not suggest getting the game at all considering the bonuses you get from this can easily be achieved in the regular game as it is and it's just not a good game due to the implemented camera and plethora of bugs.

barom3075d ago

You know, I had a great time even through all the bugs. That's not to say that they did not annoy me but it just wasnt enough to keep me from having fun. Anyone who liked the first AC1 is likely going to like this one. The missions are less repetitive (or feels so), the combat is pretty much the same (I love countering), the climbing is a bit more clumsy but works and bunch of bugs.

I would have to say I agree more with 1up's review of B-. I can definitively see why people would not like it though but I think AC1 fans would enjoy it.

DeadlyAnGeL917923075d ago

wow this game was actually pretty well done i thought.....weird they only gave it a 2 i would of expected a 3 from g4 and an 8 on average...

saimcheeda3075d ago

this game was only average, for my complete opinion check out my review :)

Nac3075d ago

This was going to be the first game on my Go.