When Turkey's Attack..

BeefJack writes: "Jagex Games Sudio's popular MMO RPG RuneScape is getting a unique Thanksgiving themed update: Turkey Basting. It is interesting to see a quirky, seasonal update as a good sign that a game doesn't take itself too seriously. This expansion preys on the usual uselessness of the round little gobblers when it comes to anything besides food, and creates a "what if" scenario that imagines what would happen if turkeys could fight back."

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HolyOrangeCows2946d ago

It's a runescape article! Get me out of here!

*Leaves "news" article

2946d ago
robotnik2946d ago

Runescape is the worst game ever.

Cledus Snow2946d ago

but it bothers me when people don't know when to use an apostrophe. There isn't one in the article title on so why add one? Has grammar fallen down the hill THAT far?