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Little Big Planet brings the core gameplay of the PS3 game to the PSP with a few concessions, most notably multiplayer, but it retains the spirit that made the original so compelling. It also offers its own unique attractions, with a number of small but key improvements to the gameplay that help make up for the lack of multiplayer.

The level design deserves particular praise--it's a short adventure, but the imagination and variety of the challenges mean that it's packed with memorable moments. If you're a fan of 2D platformers or like games that are designed around creativity, then Little Big Planet comes highly recommended.

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-Alpha2943d ago

for a great game. Expected a lower score than the "full" experience on the PS3, but I really did think making it for the PSP was going to make it fail. Good thing I was wrong

Saaking2943d ago

It's a actually a pretty good game. Sure, not as great as on PS3, but it still has LBP feel to it.

Chubear2943d ago

... we're listening to Gamespot for reviews now?... really? lol

Lifendz2943d ago

Gamespot has been a lot better as of late. Much more fair than they were a few years back. They're like Edge in that they try to use their whole review scale but unlike Edge in that they don't appear to subtract points off Playstation exclusives for the most nonsensical stuff.

Digitaldude2943d ago

Gamespot reviews have been great recently imo.
Its IGN that's smoking the crack.

The game did lose a bit of its charm in the process due to the hardware but a great handheld game.

Armyless2943d ago

and decide for yourself.

I'd give it a 9

STK0262943d ago

I played both versions (actually played the PS3 version alot, but barely touched the PSP version).

And for me, this game suffers from the same problem I've had with PSP spin offs or sequels. I usually get used to better graphics, controls, frame rate and content on the PS3, and when I get the PSP version, it just doesn't feel right to me.

Of course, the game is still an amazing game, I just wish I could have played the PSP version first, then the PS3 version. Oh well, let's just hope I don't get the same feeling when VC2 gets released, as VC is easily one of my favorite game game on this generation of console so far.

HolyOrangeCows2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Looks like SCEA didn't arrange for advertisement on Gamespot before they wrote the review...Not that 8/10 is "Bad", but you know gamespot.

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Tunerboy87322943d ago

It must be pretty good to get a 8/10 not bad at all.

xGet_In_There2943d ago

I'm not bashing this review at all. I actually like to read these, but how do these get approved? (Not just this one). I'm sure in 1 week I will see a review for MW2 when it came out 2 weeks ago lol.

As for the game, LBP was one of my favorites and if I get another PSP this will be a game I pick up.

Milky2943d ago

I cant stop playing the game. Huge achievement to get it on the PSP without anything lost in the transition. 9/10 game.