IGN: The Top 25 Wii Games

The Nintendo Wii may not have the graphical power or the online capability of its console counterparts, but it has a secret weapon those other systems don't --something for everyone.

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Mista T3190d ago

all games I honestly don't give a [email protected] about

honestly disappointed with nintendo this gen, though they were part of me getting into gaming in the beginning

Smacktard3190d ago

Too bad. You're missing out on some really good games.

Madusha3190d ago

No more heroes is the only good one in that list ( from 25 - 21)

RockmanII73190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

I am disappointed with Nintendo too. This gen has told me that the only thing they have to offer is Mario, Link, and Metroid. IMO the Gamecube was better than the Wii is. I've owned every Nintendo home console, but after the Wii that's going to end.

ReservoirDog3163190d ago

I'm not even gonna bother looking through that list. Not for fanboys reasons. Nope, it's cause I know that one game were you play as a spider or something is in there.

I'll avoid the nightmares and such. I already know SMG is #1 anyways.

Chubear3190d ago

I'm looking at that list and I'm going ".... Really? O.o .. no, really?" I just don't know what the here core gamers see in the wii but hey, good luck to them.

PS3PCFTW3190d ago

my little sister has a wii.

enough said. its a shame really.

i loved my nes snes n64 and gameboy. nintendo used to have the industry on lock.

I always wonder what would have happened if nin and sony actually had partnered up. hmmmmm.....on second thought i would never give up my gran turismo, gow, resistance, killzone, mgs and MANY MANY MORE franchises just to play mario and jump on goombas for the rest of my gaming days

Thank you sony

mal_tez923190d ago

All mine is ever used for is Brawl, and then only once every couple of months. I was very dissappointed with both Mario Kart Wii and Galaxy. Hopefully Super Mario Bros will be good.

Also Zelda is cool.

ape0073190d ago

is a shame compared o n64\snes or even gamecube

Smacktard3190d ago

What? de Blob and Wario Land: Shake It! are both fantastic games. I think this is yet another case of people going "wow none of those games look good" without even playing or HEARING about them before.

MNicholas3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

which just goes to show how ridiculously out of touch reviewers are with the game hardware owners. By catering exclusively to the so-called "hardcore" gamers the websites have lost credibility with the general public.

Gears of War a 10? Give me break. I got bored in about 3 minutes. It's the same repetitive crap over and over and over again. Same for Left 4 Dead, a mind-numbingly stupid game. Modern Warfare 2 I won't even bother to try and also God of War 3, when that comes out.

Even after 3 years of Wii ownership I still occasionally play Wii sports with friends and family. Yes, the game that came free with the console. My nieces loved my underwater adventure game (forgot what it's called) and played it almost non-stop for three days exploring underwater and unlocking new kinds of fish and whales (like Manta Rays and Blue Whales!), and another relative can't stop playing Guitar Hero.

One of the most blatant examples of how out of touch with reality sites like IGN and Eurogamer are is American Idol.

It's a game that the kids I know can't stop playing. They'd gladly spend the rest of their lives playing the game if given the chance. It's provided them with hundreds of hours of gameplay.

IGN's score: 6

ape0073190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

you got bored of gears of war in 3 minutes and you won't even bother trying mw2 or gow3 and you enjoyed playing some nameless stupid water game

??????? :( :) xD Dx ?????

WOOOOW that's something you won't see everyday


that is inhuman

that is the craziest comment my eyes has ever seen

and "most people don't like shooters"______ that's why mw 2 sold 7 mill copies day 1


asdr3wsfas3190d ago

"you got bored of gears of war in 3 minutes and you won't even bother trying mw2 or gow3 and you enjoyed playing some nameless stupid water game"

MW2 and GOW3 are the same game man, FPS games are point and shoot. I love FPS and the ability to transfer skill is why. They never change. Point, hide, shoot. Oh, maybe you hit A to hide now. We always could hide tho.

COD is Counter strike but with helicopters and not as good. You know it runs on the quake 3 engine? How old is quake 3 bud?

ico923190d ago

They ranked wii sports resort, raman raving rabbids, and wario land shake it higher than No More Heroes


Mahr3189d ago

"This gen has told me that the only thing they have to offer is Mario, Link, and Metroid. IMO the Gamecube was better than the Wii is."

Er, how? The Gamecube had the same first-party games; in terms of third-party exclusives, it had Rogue Leader, Eternal Darkness, and... um...



MNicholas3189d ago

it was a particularly good game. In fact, it isn't. It's just another run-of-the-mill standard formula FPS game that's been done over and over and over and over ...

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xabmol3190d ago

"The Top 25 reasons to buy a real console"

HUH? HUH? >.>

Sory, this is the one peice of molded plastic I can honestly say I just plan hate. Had one. Sold it. Metriod was fun... *half smile*

bitboi3190d ago

since there will be little to no first person shooters, violent bloody games, or any game which requires you to shoot at an enemy. 90% of the people here will disagree with that list. Even if they've never played the games. lol

xabmol3190d ago

I'm sure your avatar knows that.

Redempteur3190d ago

what's NMH doing in 24th place ???

RockmanII73190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Super Mario Galaxy
Twilight Princess
Mario Kart Wii
Metroid Prime Trilogy

xabmol3190d ago

I love me a good platformer and SMG was gold.

The only thing I can say bad about it (which I have to) is... Why was it even on the Wii? Like ZTP, It was just a GC game with some gimmics thrown in.

WiiJunkii3190d ago

Galaxy could not have run on Gamecube. I understand that graphically, it's not on the level of other console powerhouses, but it utilizes some advanced techniques that would not have been available to devs on GC.

I dug the way the Wiimote was implemented in Galaxy, subtle, but effective. I would not have enjoyed grabbing star bits, or the star anchors when floating through space with Dual Analogue... It would have been a different game.

xabmol3190d ago

I don't recall ever using them for anything...

asdr3wsfas3190d ago

Stun enemies and feed lumas to grow into platforms. Also they can destroy bullets and some asteroids. Using the star bits is a huge part of the purple coin challenges on the moving platforms.

WiiJunkii3189d ago

"And what did the star bits do again?"

You needed them to unlock certain galaxies. You had to shoot them at the fat Lumas in order to advance to these new locations. They were also a projectile for stunning certain enemies.

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swiftshot933190d ago

My God the Wii is such a disappointment. Even a bigger one is that Nintendo can easily develop AAA after AAA, but they've abandoned their old fans. I can count the number of AAA games on the Wii on my hand.

LeonSKennedy4Life3190d ago

I agree.

Nintendo KNOWS how to make a good game.

I've been saying it...and many people disagree...

Sony needs to absorb Nintendo. They could publish all of Nintendo's games and they'd both make a fortune. With the money Sony could throw at them and the creative freedoms they would have as a 1st party Sony developer...they'd be unstoppable.

Think about Miyamoto working closely with Naughty Dog, Guerrilla, and Santa Monica. Sony wouldn't have to worry about the market ever again!

ChickeyCantor3190d ago

"but they've abandoned their old fans"

...Don't forget to take your meds you hear!

ape0073190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

a Wii fanboy is born

can't stand those Wii defenders

they are living a dream

everyone knows who's im talking to

ChickeyCantor3190d ago

I dont care about the relation between the fanboys and Nintendo, but if you honestly believed they "abandoned" their fans then you have to be kidding. Nintendo delivered Lots of their main franchises and thats what those nintendo fans want.

You will be licking their @sses too once they release Starfox, you can bet on it. Hypocrite.

EvilTwin3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

ape007 -- And I can't stand constant Wii bashers, who are living in their own reality. Good God, there are five games listed so far on this IGN list, and only two of them are Nintendo games (one of which is a classic Nintendo game), yet somehow this thread is a referendum on the company.

As Sidar said, how have they "abandoned their fans" when we'll be getting three dedicated Mario platformers (one 2D, two 3D), two dedicated Metroids and two dedicated Zeldas on Wii? Nintendo is making the same games they have been making (Kart, Smash Bros, PunchOut, Excite racers, etc.).

Some people enjoy the Wii. Others don't. Why the heck isn't that enough of an explanation?

ape0073190d ago

@sses if they gave me an HD true nextgen starfox game,new powerful engine,full\unified online play\experience,leaderboards and something like achievements or trophies

that's what the hardcore wants, hardcore want gfx,want realism,want veraity,want online,features,demos, etc.....

and nintendo didn't do this is at all,the wii is a like a portal to last gen,it cannot compete with nextgen games,that's why 99% of nintendo fans said that nintendo has abandoned them,if you are happy with its capabilites,last gen specs,laughable online,crappy games one after another,crappy casual games then nintendo indeed didn't abandon YOU and the other wii dreamers

EvilTwin3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

ape007 -- I don't even know where to begin.

If graphics are the only thing that make a game for you, you must hate games like Mega Man 9, which I consider more of a "core gamer's game" than a good chunk of cookie cutter FPS games. As for Nintendo's own games, Galaxy and Corruption look fantastic. I'd put them up against games on the HD consoles any day.
Art direction > raw graphical power

Realism? I guess that's restricted to graphics. When the idea of actually having to aim in an FPS game is brought up, most people on here seem to lose their effing minds.

Variety? Nintendo has released 2D and 3D platformers, RTS (Batallion Wars), racing (Excite series), FPS (Metroid), role playing (Fire Emblem), fighting (SSBB), action/adventure (Zelda), etc. etc. etc.

"Features"? There's a nebulous, subjective term.

That leaves demos and online. And I agree with you. Nintendo should have demos, and their online has been very shoddy. It's embarrassing that COD:MWR (a port made in 10 months by 30 people) shames Nintendo's offerings.
But not every game needs to be online-centric. No one complains about Assassin's Creed not having online death match. Yet all of a sudden, people think Zelda should have some sort of online component. And Nintendo's biggest franchises are mainly single player-centric.

You're entitled to your opinion that Nintendo's games can't compete this gen, of course.

And I'm entitled to my opinion in thinking you're laughably wrong.

asdr3wsfas3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

"@sses if they gave me an HD true nextgen starfox game,new powerful engine,full\unified online play\experience,leaderboards and something like achievements or trophies

that's what the hardcore wants, hardcore want gfx,want realism,want veraity,want online,features,demos, etc....."

You just described what PC gamers had since early 2000. Keep that sh!t off my wii (except FPS, love the wiimote aiming). n00bsticks are worse than last gen - we used mice since almost the beginning of fps and they always aimed better. Dual analog was a downgrade man, sorry you weren't "hardcore" enough to know that.

I've owned every nintendo system ever, the wii rivals the SNES in terms of playtime. 2d is back. Sorry that's not "hardcore." Guess you're too young to remember that?

Hardcore is quake console hacking. Dude you probably don't even know what a keybind is.

ChickeyCantor3190d ago

"that's what the hardcore wants, hardcore want gfx,want realism,want veraity,want online,features,demos, etc.....

Im glad you said hardcore gamers and nintendo fans, My point still stands.

ape0073190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

nintendo was on the top back then

snes has tons of epic games,RARE was GOLDEN

turok 2 with expansion pack looked stunning on it's time and so was other games,zelda oot had everything you could dream of

resi4 on gc was stunning as well as wind waker and the shocking metroid prime on their time

n64 was the first console to have 4 controller ports,I remember playing ge007,perfect dark(best fps ever made,nothing can touch it)

nintendo was pushing everything forward back then


with wii,everything is steps backward,come on guys,it's clear

and omg don't get me wrong,anyone says that 2d platforme games or adventure games are not hardcore games need to check their brains and SHUT the F*** UP,they don't know what hardcore games mean,look at my avatar,look,it's DK,DKC 1 WAS ONE OF THE BEST GAMES EVER as well as dkc2,I didn't like 3 that much,it was shadowed by N64 and mario 64 but it was good

Im gonna get new super mario bros soon,glad to hear that it have some good challenges

EvilTwin3190d ago

"With wii, everything is steps backward, come on guys, it's clear."

Once again, ape, that's a matter of opinion. I look at IR/pointer controls as a step FORWARD for FPS. I really do. Once I played Metroid Prime 3, there was no going back for me. Dual analog has always been a step backward, and I think that is clear.

Motion controls, especially with motion plus, are a step forward for some games (not all, but some). TW10 most notably. You want realism? Play that game. No, not in graphics. In control. And it's going to get better with games like the next Zelda that should have much better sword combat controls.

Where is Nintendo really behind? Graphics? They don't make a game alone, and the Wii is capable of so much more than what third parties have given (but that's not on Nintendo; if a developer can't make good graphics for a souped up Gamecube, that's on THEM).

Online? Yes. That's one place where Nintendo has fallen far behind, and I fully agree that they should be given hell for that.

But online death matches and leaderboards aren't that big a deal. Over at the IGN boards, there's a poster who talks all about how NSMB should have online leaderboards and better graphics.
It's a 2D Mario. This is what it looks like. It isn't gonna be Halo.
And the 20 seconds you spend going online to see other people's scores? That's really the most important thing in a game?

Those are some mixed up priorities, IMO.

But that's just my $0.02.

Mahr3189d ago

"when nostalgia beats reality a Wii fanboy is born"

Says the person pining for the good old days of a system where almost the entirety of its library could be found on other, stronger systems.

"turok 2 with expansion pack "

The expansion pack that worked with something like four whole games.

"n64 was the first console to have 4 controller ports,I remember playing ge007,perfect dark(best fps ever made,nothing can touch it)"

It was also a nightmare to program for, alienated most potential developers by refusing to move on from the cartridge-based format, and had next to zero third-party support.

Also, some friendly advice: when you use commas or parentheses, you're supposed to put spaces after them so that your wordsdon'tallruntogetherliketh is.

ZoidsRaven3189d ago

If there is nothing wrong with 2d platforming, then how come there is something wrong with the Wii?
With 2d platformig games out on the Wii like Muramasa: TDB and NSMB: Wii (Tell me where is a 2d "New Super Mario Bros." game on the n64?), you'd figure the Wii was the right kind of console for you.

But hey, what can someone do if they are NOT really looking for the good games on a console but can talk crap about?

Where is the arcade-like rail-shooters (that makes you feel like you are using the old-school arcade Zappers) on the other consoles?

Every console has something for everyone And if you can't seee that, you need to calm down before you hurt someone in a gamestop over an argument about "WHICH IS TEH BETTA CONSOLE!".. 7_7

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