IGN: Left 4 Dead 2 Second Opinions

Does the game feel like an expansion pack or a full sequel? Is it a better game than the original? Should Valve be praised for delivering a definitive version of its co-operative zombie slaughterfest or endlessly harangued for charging full price for it? Editors around the IGN offices have been whacking zombies with cricket bats since the game was made available, and here's what they think.

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Darkfocus3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

its defiantly a good game but I'm undecided as to whether or not it should have been an expansion because with mods you can almost turn
L4D1 into 2 but it dos feel a lot more professional than the mods and its a lot better than the first as far as content gos so who knows?

Pandamobile3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

An expansion pack has less content than the original. Left 4 Dead 2 is everything Left 4 Dead 1 was, plus a whole lot more. More campaigns than the first, two brand new game modes, new cast of characters, new weapons, ammo types, medical supplies, new boss infected, etc.

And a game like Left 4 Dead is kind of hard to make an actual sequel for considering all most of the first campaigns were not really connected in a real story arc. Each was like a separate entity whereas in L4D2, you've got a new batch of survivors trying to make their way from Georgia to New Orleans.

Blow Out Your Brains3192d ago

Anyone with half a brain would recognize the game is an amazing sequel. Fanboys just can't get over it.

wonderbanana3191d ago

L4D was a great game and so is L4D2.

Anyone still trying to say it's should have been DLC best avoid buying any sequel to any other game. Ever. Because that's how dumb that whole non-issue has become.