The Truth about Xbox Live Bannings

GrE writes, "Microsoft recently banned a large number of pirates from Xbox Live, and this has raised some questions over what can get you banned, and exactly how fair and accurate the banning process is. The truth is worse than you may have suspected..."

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starven3189d ago

You crazy kids and wanting to fix your own consoles. For shame.

bgrundman3189d ago

It is insane if you ask me...

Saaking3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

wtf MS? It's not their fault your console is so easy to mod. That "staffer" sounded like a real jerk. Why can't they actually re check it. Maybe they made an error in the banning.

That's why you should never buy a used console, ESPECIALLY, a used 360.

-Alpha3189d ago

I think the website misinterpreted. He says he will reverify the investigation as in double check that the investigation was correct.

The assumption the website makes is that they are double-checking to see if you are on the list, which is a stupid assumption.

whatthegeek3189d ago

@1.4, then why not word it "re-investigate"? or something along those lines? The wording is as it is for a reason; they don't want to give people the impression that they're actually looking into anything - just re-verifying it. There's no way to be 100% certain, but that seems like a fair assumption.

ambientFLIER3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

"wtf MS? It's not their fault your console is so easy to mod."

So it's not the modder's fault? How about if I buy a car that can go very fast and get a ticket for speeding...should I blame the car manufacturer for making a car that I can easily go fast in?

How many times do I have to say this to you...GET BACK IN THE OPEN ZONE AND STAY THERE.

GiantEnemyCrab3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Necrum: He makes perfect SENSE and it's stupid to say it's all MS's fault because they made a console easy to mod. What a dumb excuse.

Here is another one. You leave your front door unlocked so I come in your house take a dump on the rug and steal every valuable you own.. It's not my fault, you shouldn't have a house so easy to break into.

Saaking3189d ago

Except, you don't own my house, but I do own my xbox.

ambientFLIER3189d ago

Thanks Crab, your analogy was even better.

Christopher3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Sooo... a possible scenario then would be:

1. Player A mods his 360 and then sells it to GameStop for some quick cash.

2. GameStop repackages and resells the unknowingly modded 360 to Player B.

3. Player B gets banned because he bought what was assumed a perfectly fine 360 from the largest brick & mortal retailer for video games and consoles.

I can see that happening, though not extremely likely.

sephcor93189d ago

You may own an Xbox, but you certainly don't own the OS or programs running on it.

Shepherd 2143189d ago

buying a modded console seems unlikely seeing is how most legitimate retailers check th 360 consoles to see if they have been opened or tampered with, if you know about tech stuff its not that hard to tell if someone messed with a 360

3XP3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )


I don't think I've see such a blinded hater like yourself in my life.

If you bought a computer from your friend and he had thousands of MP3s on the hard drive and the RIAA caught you with them do you think they are going to give you a break because you bought the computer from a friend? I don't think so, I know you probably don't know this but you are actually responsible for what you buy once you actually start to use it yourself.

Edit: Godmars290 & Saaking

You should prove your points. You should steal something from Sony and let them catch you so that you can show us how generous they are to their loyal customers. How about copying some of their software and they letting them know about it.

They'll probably reward you for being so honest. Don't forget to post the story on your blogs then approve it on N4G so that we can all read the juicy details.

Alvadr3189d ago

Seriously, if your buying a 2nd hand console your buying at your own risk.

I always buy from new

vhero3189d ago

Been saying this for months you cna get banned for trying to save a bit of money and repairing your console yourself. Its Microsofts way of saying "give us your money OR ELSE" WHY OH WHY DO YOU PEOPLE STILL BUY A CONSOLE THAT DOES THIS TO ITS OWN CUSTOMERS??? You don't pay they ban you forcing you to pay (buying another another console). It's the only way they can make profit on the console. Yet you keep buying em. Xbox 360 the console for the more deluded gamer

bodybombs3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

as sucky as it is, its fair. look at it this way, and a guy above put it a similar way.

say you buy a pc from a guy on craigslist. then you get a knock on the door because your ip has been flagged for you having child pr0n on your pc, even though you didn't know it was there. the party van isnt gonna give you a break because you didnt know, because for all they know you are lying about it.

the moral of the story? buy used stuff at your own risk.

Death3188d ago

You are making too many assumptions without any information. If you are modifiying your console to anything other than factory specifications you will get caught. Case mods do not change the factory specs, but breaking the seals kills your warranty. PS3 is the same. If you opened your case and "repaired" the system to factory specs, what is the differance? If you make an "unauthorized" repair or modification that alters the specs, that is where the problem is.


kewlkat0073188d ago

abientflyer - "{So it's not the modder's fault? How about if I buy a car that can go very fast and get a ticket for speeding...should I blame the car manufacturer for making a car that I can easily go fast in?"

NecrumSlavery - 1.7 - @abientflyer You make no "sence"

Lol...I swear this website's got the dumbest fanboys.

*Logic not included.

Christopher3188d ago

A lot of people are saying that it's kind of a no-brainer to not buy second hand products. Tell that to the parent who's trying to make their kid(s) happy while spending as little as possible due to hard economic times.

This is an issue with computer hardware in general, but when the product gets to your house, works, and seems to have no issue, you bet as a parent I'd be damned confused and pissed to find that Microsoft can go and disable the only functionality like this.

Budg3tG4m3r3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

So what Saaking? (Mr super Sony fanboy) people are easy to kill to that doesn't mean we can go on murder sprees when we feel like it.

Elven63188d ago

Just an FYI, Microsoft Stores are beginning to do Xbox 360 repairs in store with a super short turn around time.

The excuses/justifications many of these guys can use are dwindling every day.

Solid_Snake6663188d ago

wow all these people making stupid analogys how can you compare a speeding car which endangers peoples life to a console which is made to have fun for crabs analogy , thats just asinine

FreestyleBarnacle3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

2. No individual has ever handled the Xbox outside your direct physical supervision.

Because I'm always in the room when people play with my x-box
Wait, did I say x-box? I ment.......

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bgrundman3189d ago

Does anybody else think it is crazy that you can get banned for fixing your own console?

Godmars2903189d ago

As I understand it you can get banned for modding the case.

ambientFLIER3189d ago

Doesn't really matter what you do. You opened the case, which voids the warranty. Microsoft doesn't care WHY you did it...they don't have the time or the resources to investigate 1 million cases to see if someone was just trying to put some LEDs into their xbox. It's tough, but it has to be done this way.

ChrisW3189d ago

I would find it understandable that having an unauthorized repairman fix your Xbox360 may/would void the warranty, but getting banned from XboxLive from it is quite a bit different.

But then again, as the article did state, "Currently, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that MS is banning customers for going with the quicker, cheaper local repairman."

ajkla923189d ago

I find it crazy to buy a MS product

4point7BillionLoss3189d ago

Dumbass ... go buy a ps3 and be happy being stupid .....

Godmars2903188d ago

Depending on what's wrong with it. RRoD is one thing. There's another problem they recently included in warranty but only within the last few months. Then there's disc errors.

Yes their warranty covers three years, but its conditional.

EpicGamerSwordsman3188d ago

what if you're warranty expires? its like 70-100$ to send it to MS for Repair. seems like your the Stupid one who bought a faulty console

avengers19783188d ago

Be happy being stupid with a PS3, but forget the fact that a majority of 360 owners system has crashed at one time, and most 360 gamers are on there second or third console. But the PS3 fans are the stupid ones, that is such a bs comment.

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wondroushippo3189d ago

Great article. Proving innocence is never easy. And Microsoft does have a deathgrip on user's rights to content they have purchased.

Godmars2903189d ago

And yet all we've been hearing from the 360-pro camp is "Death to Pirates!"

Which is all well and good, but MS has too much control with no checks and balances. Can do what they do without warning or notice.

ReBurn3189d ago

Sony has the same powers. Read the terms of use for PSN and purchases from the PlayStation Store. That's standard operating procedure for copyright holders.

Godmars2903189d ago

Sony hardly has the same pirating issues as MS.

They have one A-hole who got banned for being an A-hole, but he's such an A-hole he's suing Nintendo as well as MS now.

Elven63188d ago

They do have a checks and balance system, they call it the law. The problem is the N4G fanboys preaching their conspiracy theories don't even believe in them enough to activate the checks and balance system.

Also, Sony does have a rampant piracy/modding issue, they call it the PSP, the PS2 is still moddable and since it's still being sold it would benefit Sony to crack down.

Godmars2903188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Okay, as someone who owns a modded PS2 and imports used games, the money of which is never seen by their publishers for the simple fact that they are used, though I'd gladly pay for new even for pig English subtitles, I had that coming.

But its not the law we're talking about. If it were MS would be working with the feds to prosecute pirates. Instead they're using terms of warranty on hardware and applying it terms of service on software. Restricting one console which could effect several paid accounts with the threat of revoking those accounts, any and all media bought and connected to them, if they're questioned about their decision.

If it were the law we were talking about then there would be some actual process involved.

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