Release of the Week: Karaoke Revolution

GrE writes, "With Black Friday coming this week, the holiday release season is just about over. All of the big games are out and ready for happy little gamers everywhere to get their game on. By now, there are plenty of terrorist, zombies, and Templars to kill. Lets not forget songs to strum, drum, sing, and scratch. Plus, lets not forget the countless treasures, trophies, and achievements to earn..."

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wondroushippo3192d ago

Ugh. Things are plateauing so quickly...

bgrundman3192d ago

I guess it could only go down after MW2

squif3192d ago

This seems like a pretty crappy release of the week if you ask me.

wondroushippo3192d ago

I might have actually gone with Tekken 6 on the PSP as my pick.

starven3192d ago

Now this is a release of the week I can enjoy. Nothing says awesome like fighting kangaroos.

bgrundman3192d ago

A game on PSP? fat chance... though I do want it!

starven3192d ago

Why not just get RB or GH and have more options to play?

bgrundman3192d ago

Agreed. That would just make more sense if you ask me.

Sp1deyluvr3192d ago

Yay!! I can haz karaoke?!