The Runaway Success of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2: Was It Fair?

Baxy-z questions the validity of Modern Warfare 2's wild success. It has recently been announced as the most successful entertainment release ever, eclipsing both Grand Theft Auto 4 and Halo 3. Was it worth it?

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Darkfocus2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )


there's far better games that have sold much less

kaveti66162983d ago


However, let's say a game like Shadow of the Colossus sold 10 million copies. At that point, I would argue that it's not fair that it sold that much. Same with anything. Is anything so great that it deserves to sell ten million copies? I remember when Halo Combat Evolved was a loved game, and the Halo franchise was admired. But as soon as Halo 3 broke the record books, people were saying, "Whoa, whoa... it's not that good."

Is anything that good? Maybe I'm afraid that when a studio is that successful, they'll slowly start to go downhill. Or it might be a psychological thing. I always notice the richest kids never really try that hard in school. They're not pressured. They're not thinking that they need to get good careers to support their family. Their family is wealthy. Will Infinity Ward try harder? Will that studio try and wow us like they did with Cod4? Since they don't really HAVE to, then I don't really think they will. But I hope they do.

Look at how great Nintendo is doing. They don't need to try very hard anymore, and a lot of people would argue that they just haven't been trying. A high quality title every couple years doesn't seem like enough.

Digitaldude2983d ago

Hell no it didnt.
Its funny what lack of knowledge can result in.
Or a brand name. See its effect kids.

-GametimeUK-2983d ago

Call of Duty is an amazing franchise... Unfortunatly it has reached "that" level of popularity where it becomes "cool" to hate on it... Sure some people genuinly dont like it and thats fine... But there are a lot of haters out there who just hate on this game because it reached "that" level of popularity...

People didnt bash CoD4 that much... Because that was the game to shoot the franchise to incredible popularity... BUT now the first IW CoD since CoD4 has been released since reaching that popularity and I knew it would have a backlash from gamers (its cool to hate popular things right?)...

Darkfocus2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

its just not nearly as good as some people make it out to be and from what I've played of the battlefield beta it's a much better game as well. So why should we accept COD when there's better games in the same genre coming soon. not to mention COD is probably the worst game I've ever played as far as community go's the amount of racist comments, swearing, and little immature brats tops any other game I've ever played. which is the primary reason I turned away from it.

RememberThe3572983d ago

I agree with Gametime (for once), I think it's become cool to hate on the game.

The only resentment I show the the game is toward Actitvition not the game itself.

COD is indeed one of the, if not the, best shooter franchises. At least is was before Treyarch got their hands on it. IW has consistently brought quality to the COD name, and if it wasn't for them COD would be sh*t. If people want to hate on MF2 that's fine, it's the internet, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it's a solid game.

I personally think that Uncharted 2 deserves those sales, but I'm not going to hate a game because people want it or because it sold well. That frankly, is pathetic.

kaveti66162983d ago

Both of you above me make good points, and they're not exclusive characteristics so you guys don't have to argue about it.

Let's say MW2 is a good game.

There are some people I know who are praising it so much it makes me sick. My friend for instance, was telling me that MW2 and Halo3 were better than anything else on PS3. And he proceeded to tell me what else was better than PS3, like Gameboy and cancer. Basically he did this to bash me when I said that MW2 wasn't as awesome as everyone says.

But there are also people who are overly critical of Modern Warfare 2. Before I saw many screens of the game, I read on this site a lot of comments, such as, "MW1.5 with the same crappy graphics. Same crappy game that sucks, etc." Now, I actually did my own comparisons of Cod4 and Cod6. I definitely noticed a pretty decent upgrade in graphics. Okay, so the graphics weren't Crysis mind-blowing every second, but I did notice some very impressive scenes in the game. Suffice it to say, I believe some people who haven't properly seen the game, nor played the game, are quick to bash it because they've been around a lot of people who have that opinion. And just to be cool or just to fit in, they've repeated those statements.

So, all in all.

MW2 is a game that's going to get undeserved over-LOVE.

And at the same time, it's going to get undeserved over-HATE.

To me, it's just a good game combined with excellent marketing and accessible gameplay mechanics and the hype over time has led to great success.

Same with Halo 3. It's not a bad game at all in my opinion. I think it's very balanced and the multiplayer is fun, and the campaign, while nothing special, is certainly not a bad campaign.

But it's the multiplayer component these days that drives the success of the game. Assassin's Creed 2 and Dead Space and Mirror's Edge are all examples of single player campaign games that may never enjoy the same commercial success of multiplayer games for that very reason.

macalatus2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )


Thanks for posting such truly good points. I think the biggest problem with MW2 is that people expected way too much from the game before it released, simply because it came from Infinity Ward and that it is another "Modern Warfare" COD. I'll admit that I myself is guilty having the same level expectation that which ended up being completely unfair to the game. Once again, I expected something truly bigger and better which ended up being a little too much for the game to satisfy.

HOWEVER, to say that people hate it because it has reached "that" level of popularity is by itself an over simplification and an over generalization. There are a lot of factors why people ended up hating the game. As for me, being more into story-driven games than multiplayer, I was disappointed with how the single-player campaign ended up. The first Modern Warfare SP was fun and suspense filled, including a tight multiplayer. The second one's SP story was a mess, and the MP seems to me a little cluttered with perks.

Don't get me wrong, people hating it because it's popular can be a factor, but it shouldn't be made as the only factor determining why for the "uncalled" criticisms.

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Runaway success...........sure.
Good game?.........sure.
Great game?........not so much.

Demon's Souls
Runaway success.......not so much.
Fair?..............not so much.
Good game?...........sure.
Great game?..........sure.

Smash Daddy2982d ago

But certainly fair enough.

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