How Nostalgia Affects Our Perception of Zelda Games

Nostalgia is a big deal in the videogame world. What it is, in essence, is a longing for something in the past. Some experience or some sort of memory which triggers a little spot in our brains that brings us some old school bliss. We experience these sort of events sometimes on a daily basis. It can be sad memories of things we did with our ex-girlfriends, other times it's happy memories like hanging out with friends at a local sporting event; often this feeling washes over us with video games. You know this feeling all too well.

Maybe for you it's the 2D classic Sonic games. Maybe it's Final Fantasy 7 or Duke Nukem. We get this sort of feeling around what were great, fun, entertaining games back when we first experienced them. This is ever true in the Zelda franchise. This isn't to say these games, and Zelda in particular, are bad games today, but nostalgia does tend to take something and make it seem like it is better than it really is by today's standards. So, how exactly does this affect the Zelda franchise?

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