IGN: Warcraft Anniversary Interview

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Warcraft, IGN recently chatted with two of the people at Blizzard who are closest to the franchise. Shane Dabiri, currently lead producer on the company's unannounced MMO, has credits that reach all the way back to the first game in the Warcraft series. Cory Stockton has been at the company for nearly five years now and, as lead content designer for World or Warcraft, he's well positioned to talk about the history and style of the franchise.

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Raf1k13162d ago

Such a great franchise.
It's a shame all the best bad guys are getting killed off in World of Warcraft.

thehitman3162d ago

Warcraft3 have over 5k+ ladder matches played great game and cant wait for SC2

Thadorus3162d ago

still play wc3 everyday, one of the greatest games ever.

I'm hoping to see warcraft 4 one day, and since they are making starcraft 2 and diablo 3 i don't really doubt it, but I know its going to be a loooong time.

Nolando3162d ago

the game that got me into games...

warcraft II started me off to become the gamer i am today

Thank you blizzard for an amazing 15 years of warcraft :)

Mutley4163162d ago

Yes Blizz is the chit...keep the updates and new games coming...*slams mana potion* "Here`s to 15 more!!!"