DualShockers Guide To Holiday Shopping

As were reaching the end of November already smelling that turkey just waiting for us in a couple of days, that only means one thing; Christmas is right around the corner. Now most will say this holiday season has been a little slow for video game releases due to major publishers/developers pushing their release dates to early January 2010, in order to let the release of 2009's most anticipated game Modern Warfare 2 have its spotlight. Just to clarify that there were some really good games released late this year and I will be giving you a Top 10 list of games to ask for or buy yourself for this holiday season. There will be a top 10 for each platform (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and of course hand helds being the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP). So Lets get this started with Xbox 360.

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iiprotocolii3190d ago

Nice piece. Definitely helpful for this coming Black Friday.

Grevan3190d ago

I got my games already. Good to go.

taz80803190d ago

IMO Black Friday can go one of two ways, a giant success as people will be looking for the greatest deals or a total flop since the economy is hurting and only the necesities will be bought. Great list though.