DualShockers: Borderlands Review

Borderlands is the newest game from the guys over at Gearbox and it is truly a game that exceeded my expectations. As far as gaming cliches go, I feel that most gamers can agree that post-apocalyptic wasteland is definitely on the list. However, Borderlands really makes the best out of what it has. As an FPS/RPG, I was expecting another Fallout 3 (I thought that game was complete trash), and I was a bit apprehensive to try Borderlands; however, as previously stated, I was impressed.

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iiprotocolii3133d ago

I still haven't gotten this game. I'm definitely looking forward to getting this soon.

Grevan3133d ago

I love this game. Have you ever seen an RPG shooter? No...

taz80803133d ago

Borderlands is a lot of fun. The RPG portion is a bit overhyped as it is more of a shooter than an RPG, but still a nice mix. Also the coop is great for splitscreen fun.

Ninferno3133d ago

still dont think this is the game for me, not that big of a fan.