Nintendo Europe To Drop Black Wii In 2010

That Gaming Site writes: "Nintendo Europe's Rob Lowe has revealed that despite impressive sales, the Black Wii won't be on shelves in 2010."

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Elven63073d ago

While the likes of Sony and Microsoft need to drastically change their SKU's to increase sales over a long period of time, Nintendo only needs a color change...what an age we live in! =/

pangitkqb3073d ago

Even though i much prefer the software offered on other platforms to that currently found on Nintendo's Wii, I do admire the results of the creativity and willingness to steap away from many long established console traditions.

Elven63073d ago

I agree, the hardware aspect of the Wii is hindering and a bit depressing. Not sure why a majority of Wii games aren't on par or at least look close to say what we saw on the original Xbox.

Ziriux3073d ago

Niceeeeee. I love me some black.

Elven63073d ago

Black consoles look nice most of the time, the only thing I hate about them is how it makes the dust become more apparent. :p