DualShockers: DA:O - The Stone Prisoner and Warden's Keep Review

There is quite a bit of DLC available for Dragon Age: Origins – pre-order bonuses, special edition bonuses, paid day-one DLC, DLC won by playing the flash game Dragon Age: Journeys. It's all over the place and the game has only been out for about three weeks. The two major pieces of DLC, however, are what I feel have gotten the most criticism and, perhaps, even praise, and I feel they're worthy of a review of their own.

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iiprotocolii3133d ago

I've been questioning on whether or not this game was worth getting. There have been plenty of mixed reviews regarding Dragon Age; but, there's nothing like trying the game out for yourself.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3133d ago

Its a great game.I have it for PC and its a fantastic title

Grevan3133d ago

Christmas item. Indeed, I can't wait to play.

taz80803133d ago

Dragon Age is a fun hack and slash in the same vain as Oblivion. DLC is always good to expand your experience further.