Cliffy B All-Time Favorite Games

Cliff Bleszinski or Cliffy.B, the design director of the Gears of War franchise has revealed his All-Time Favorite Games.

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LastPlaceConsole2940d ago

Not surprised

Everybody loves Halo

Saaking2940d ago

Cliffy B. makes me laugh.

Sunny_D2940d ago

He also loves Golden Eye, Half Life, Doom, Bioshock, and Metroid Prime. All shooters...

multipayer2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

How does Goldeneye/Halo work anyway, is Rare going to take over Halo? That'd kind of work if platforming gods took over practically the only platforming FPS.

2940d ago
imec2940d ago

Is Metroid really a shooter? It's more about locking on and circling your target and then dodging when necessary. I would call it Zelda with guns instead of calling it a shooter (there's not much aiming involved and it's not really linear like most of his other favorites).

Bnet3432940d ago

Finally someone who agrees

Link to the Past > Ocarina of Time

Nice list. The man loves his shooters.

Darkstorn2940d ago

Cliffy B.? Does anyone actually care?
And why the hate for Halo? There would be no amazing games like Uncharted 2, Bioshock, or MGS4 without the original Halo.

Pandamobile2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

Uhh, what? What does Uncharted, Bioshock or MGS have to do with Halo?

And Metal Gear Solid and Bioshock's precursor, System Shock were around long before Halo came to be.

Darkstorn2940d ago

I'm talking about being able to recharge health by staying out of combat for a short time.

themyk2940d ago


damn u mean all I had to do was avoid combat in MGS. I wonder why I kept eating all those rations. Man what a waist of time it is reading ur comments have been.

NATAL-FTW2940d ago

Sword fight in the open zone.

Elvfam5112940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

I can't stop laughing MGS uses recharge health ahhhahahah damn rations was a waste then

Dude Halo wasn't the first one to do either

morganfell2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

You don't know HALO very well at all. If you had played it then you would remember having recharging shields but you still had to pick up health packs. Now get out of here.

It's pretty bad when an admitted PS3 fanboy has to tell you how HALO works.

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alaa2940d ago

But seriously not a single RPG in his list!!!

multipayer2940d ago

Imagine if gears was influenced by spiky haired RPGs...

2940d ago
hardcore19122940d ago

But it's good. His love for Metroid has translated into shadow complex :)

Lich1202940d ago

He was only a design consultant on that. Chair made the actual game. Epic just gave input and I'm guessing, money. Regardless, I loved that game.

lordkemp0072940d ago

Cliffy has furtively omitted his favourite game which involves going behind the boys school bike sheds with a tub of peanut butter and a wry smile.

Bad Boys 2 Miami takedown on xbox was number 11 on his list.

MicroSony4Life2940d ago (Edited 2940d ago )

I see Cliffy B is doing his job and getting you boyz all excited to play with his Lancer.

whothedog2940d ago

That is a good list, I like most of those games a lot. TETRIS ATTACK! I would woop you Cliffy B in some Tetris Attack! or Super Bomberman haha, sorry I just have to talk smack sometimes.

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